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Athens Occupied Theater EMBROS: Announcement about the Nazi attack during 04/02/2018 Greek nationalistic demonstration

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During the nationalistic demonstration which took place in Athens on Sunday 04/02/2018 about Macedonia in Athens parliament square Syntagma, around 5 pm, comrades who were wondering around the city center informed us by phone that a group of Neo-Nazis (80 persons approximately) was gathered at the Lekka’s & Kolokotroni street in order to rally organized and undisturbed from the area of the demo to our area. A few minutes later, this group released a targeted attack against the occupied “Free Self-Organised Theater EMBROS (“In front” theater)” that stands very near to Syntagma square.

By that time, a 3-days Art & Photography Exhibition (“Utopia” festival) with the participation of 80 artists along with the “Free Expression Lab” that took place in the Theater, had just been completed. The Occupied Theater Embros, in response to the massive participation of the people who gathered to see the exhibits, remained open the whole day and with the collaboration of the Social Kitchen “The Other Human” offered free food to many people of the near district. Acting accordingly, we gave our answer against the recent, abrupt attempts of society’s fascistization. We have to protect, heartfully and strengthly, all self-organised and occupied Free Social Spaces that can be used as a shelter for anyone around the World. We have to fight for a world within which, mass cognitive degradation, racism and fascist brutalities have no place to enact.

The organized anti-fascist defense of Embros Theater – with the building safeguarded by the massive response of comrades and people who jointed in solidarity with – held strong against the fascist rally troops who empowered by the nationalistic frenzy of the massive demonstration just 1km away attempted to target the Theater Embros; A Self-Organized Social Space of Art, a place of the emancipatory social Movement which produces Free Self- Organized Culture from Everyone to Anyone.

The organized antifa defense of Embros opposed the Nazi attack with success declaring by that a clear and strong message: United and determined we can stand against and overcome by any monstrosity.

Half an hour after the departure of the Nazis, a troop of Riot Police appeared and patrolled the area. They decided to withdraw ten minutes later, while more comrades and people jointly responsible were arriving massively, to enforce the defense of the building, something that kept going continually until next morning.

3 days after the attack more than 1000 people gathered around Embros for a carnival celebration and concert.

We won’t give up and we will defend the liberated area of EMBROS.

Thank you, comrades for your solidarity and responsible attitude.

We must crush Fascism and tear down all borders that give birth to fascism and racial discrimination.

Power to those who defend the liberated “grounds” of the movement in all cities.

Tens-Hundreds-Thousands squats against a World of organized distress.

Free & Self-Organized Theater EMPROS


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