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February 9, 2024

The unthinkability of slave revolt

Those who say that Israel knew about the plans for October 7 all along are repackaging an old colonial trope which believes that the natives are too docile, too submissive, too cowardly, and too inferior to revolt against their oppressors.

Disaster Anarchy- by Rhiannon Firth

January 9, 2024
The growth of autonomous disaster relief efforts, grassroots anarchist initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and collective responses to climate change, both in the UK and in the US. Written by Rhiannon Firth, author of Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical

A Very Long Winter

March 8, 2022
War transforms everything – we are suddenly for or against armies, revolutionaries become soldiers, coalitions monopolize politics, patriotic fervor swells, and the party of

The War – Errico Malatesta

March 2, 2022
This is an article by Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta, translated by Paul Sharkey from “La guerra,” L’Agitatore Socialista Anarchico (April 25, 1897), single issue,
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