International CALL OUT #Dortmund #Germany: Against the European-wide Nazi Demo on April 14

March 14, 2018

No homezone for nazis! Neither in Dortmund, Europe not anywhere else!

On the 14th of April 2018 the German fascist party “Die Rechte” want to organize a big event in Dortmund, Germany. Nazis and other fascists from all over Europe want to march in Dortmund, but also use the event to strengthen an already exisiting network. This demo shall be the start of a yearly event with changing locations. The nazis announced that they want to march in the city center of Dortmund. They want to start at 01:00pm (13:00) at Stadthaus.

The last couple of years showed us that the Dortmund police does quite a bit to make it possible that inhuman baiting can take the streets. It also showed that only anti-fascist and political pressure can force fascist out of the city center.

Let us be many antifascists and let us take care that they can’t march in the city center. On this day we will take the streets, the squares and the parks and we will offer a left community instead of racist, sexist and anti-semetic shit.

We call to come with us to Dortmund on April 14 and muck up the day for the nazis. In particular, we would like to invite people outside Nort Rhine Westphalia and Germany to travel and to participate in the counter-protests and actions. Sleepingspaces can be organized. If you need them, contact us.

And even if you do not come to Dortmund, the 14th is perhaps quite good as an anti-fascist day of action …

Mail for places to sleep to (Blog: Emanzipatorische Antifa Wuppertal)

source: Enough is Enough!


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