Human 2.0 – A Manifesto of a new kind of Human Being Alive Here & Now!

October 5, 2009

This is what I have to offer you. . .
All governments are lying
Laws create Chaos.
Food makes you Hungry.
makes you Stupid and Incapable.
Money makes you Poor.
are the ultimate symbol of Poverty.
Working makes you Dead.

Property is Theft, Theft is Property.
“Property” is Impossible,
can’t even Own your Body,
but you can Take Care of it while you

are Here.
We are making it all up.
Providing basic needs for all
Dignity will end war and start
the new golden Age.
everything away for Free.
Don’t waste your Time or the Worlds

doing anything you don’t Enjoy.
We need more leaders,
Do It Yourself.
Zero dollar a day budget.
Less is more.

Steal your life back
by not participating in the madness.
….now it’s
your turn.
What are you doing here?

HUMAN 2.0?.
Where do we go from here?
The future will only
what we put into it.

Current mood: awake

A world based on suffer-age
is counterproductive and an

outdated concept.
To create a free world
in ourselves and out, we
to value life and support all people.
Especially ourselves

(this is the whole point).
True Wealth is Quality of Life for All.

Quality of life for all
is the soil that grows “future”.
To say some
by what they “do”,
are more important than others is

immature and hinders true progress.
All people and life are

value-able whether we have
the ability to understand it or not.

Diversity is the survival of the species.
Graduate to a new city, a
And if the answer is not
“respecting diversity”,

embracing so-called chaos,
what else do we got?
A truly
prison planet
mono culture system
that’s going on now?

The current world
is based on entrapment
and a racket system.

“Work” and make
this other person rich
and then you are

and not a “terrorist”
(indentured servitude).
Do what
this insecure person says
and don’t talk back creatively unless

your selling an ad for us
and then you might deserve
to live this
that we’ve made up.
If not,
you are dead and homeless

and no girl
or guy will want to hump you.

Our current belief system
is based on a fierce denial
of how
things actually are.
We spend most of our time
repressing how
we feel.
How we feel is Human 2.0
knocking at our
primate doors.
If you have any clue of the inner

workings of “cult-ure”
then you will surely know that
most of the
things we’ve been told
or are being told,
are bold yet pathetic lies.

The quickest way to Human 2.0
is to sit with yourself without

distraction and
quietly listen to how you feel.

…We are all two paychecks away
from being homeless.
If we are
in debt,
we are homeless.
If we are in debt,
we are in poverty…

we all know
the old “Dream” fabrication
is a carnal sin
against life on earth,
but we don’t know the way out.
I’ve now
that what we think of as “work”
is just silly if not
completely insane,
and that you’d have to be real conditioned,

indoctrinated, and suicidal
to live your life
in such a schizophrenic
(And to happily sell your kids off
into prostitution too is just

Ok so most of us
are suicidal and schizophrenic terrorist

so what it’s normal right? uhh, sure.

The point is,
it’s just not worth it anymore
to follow the so-called

and be
a wage-slave zombie.
is no fun
Drugs are too expensive now
and only work for a
limited time
before you die,
mortgages on a house are surreally

bullshit, rent is ha-ha,
dating is pathetic, the mall uniforms
are too
medical mafia costs are jacked
and the care is
(take this pill and we’ll steal the rest
of your money
when you die)…

Not only that,
but the world mother herself will not
support this destructive lifestyle choice
that has been hammered

into us by well intentioned dorks.
There is just no more love in the

old ways and it doesn’t satisfy
the human spirit as well as it did

10,000 years ago.

And remember,
it wasn’t very long ago that we
thought the earth was flat.

It’s for your ultimate benefit and mine
to do what just feels natural

and give everything away to everyone,
all the time.
Who wants to

“sell” their things anyway?

Do you invite people over for dinner
and than charge them for it?
of course you don’t,
but you might

use the barter system!
Spending money these days goes to

corrupt governments
(every government is corrupt),
which goes

to irresponsible monster corporations,
state terrorism, etc.

The less we spend
the more we are!

This has nothing to do with being
stingy, spending money is stingy.
Working is for lazy people and

makes you poor.
Working is
foolish, and

absolutely unnecessary.
It is the main cause of all suffering and

death on the planet.

Work riddled creatures
design Death riddled
products like :
Cars :
THE symbol of poverty.
Suburbs :
plastic graveyards.
Social Indoctrination Centers

makes you stupid and incapable.
Urbanization :
a disease, a
Spineless, Lifeless,
Sucking Satans Scaly Pecker.

Work is the process of dying.

Have you ever had someone
being nice to you when you

probably didn’t deserve it?
You probably thought hey, that’s cool,

what a nice guy, I’m going to pass that on.
I know you’ve had
plenty of people
rotten to you
when you didn’t deserve it so we

won’t get into that.

If you give everything away,
you will be given
everything as well.

You will just have to trust
in perfect time.

The alternative is what?
…Worry all the time?

Like that gets anyone anywhere.
But I know it’s tough to change
our old rusty operating
I’m sure old mentality
was possibly useful hunting

but things are a little different now.
There is more
than enough
on this planet
for everyone to live well lush lives.
you not contributing to Human 2.0,
you are wasting everyones
other than being very acidic compost.

You can’t stop us.
It is happening now whether
your programming likes it or not.

We can live a smarter,
more advanced way.
I’d like your support,
not your money,
more just your energy to direct.
I would like you
to direct
that energy into yourself
and not so much into so-called

jobs, so-called schools,
so-called entertainment.

Why polish the brass on the titanic?
It’s all going down.
But not completely…
are some valuable items on board.
Them being compassion, love,

creativity, community, music,
art, peace of mind, etc..

I am living what the future
of the world will be
and if you desire to survive

and be happy,
you will start doing it as well.

I have respect for myself.
I see where the “money” is going and
understand true
wealth is
I promote a new system
actually works
that is nothing new to the world.
To be creative,
alive, and productive
is a natural human trait if left to develop.

Play is the way.
Laziness is the excrement
of doing something

you don’t enjoy.
In the new world
everything will be productive,
not forcefully.
So this is another wake up call
for you to jump ship

now before life gets even harder.
It is kind of a threat
but you’ll
thank me later I promise.
The corporations don’t care about you.

Prostitution doesn’t pay.
Supporting state criminals,… no good.

Give everything away for free.
Life begins
at the end of your comfort

With your support,
we can take this world back from the
scared, insecure people
of yester-millinia
and give them lots of

Jump Out of the
“take pills and die” world
that we live in


To play all day is the natural way.
There is no such thing as

Setting up a system where everyone
is provided for is just the
I can’t really imagine
what will grow out of this new

iridescent compost.
A foundation of awareness,

and love is inevitable.
Staring now and now.
Buying is dying.
is more.

To quality of life,
liberty and justice for all
and not just for people with

the mark of the beast.

Quit Your Job And Get A Life!

Take Pills Die Records
navigate to their site
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experimental electronica as a gift ):

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