Warning: We declare private property a wreck. This is the beginning of a new post-capitalist era // by Temporary Collective Crisis

January 26, 2010

March 17th announcement:

We Can Live Without Capitalism
Warning: We declare private property a wreck.
This is the beginning of a new post-capitalist era

The crisis can be seen from different points of view and we have to avoid the most defeatist side. There is an individualist and predator economic system that collapses. The inertia makes us think about reforming it, creativity has to makes us bring a new one. The old world no longer gives more of himself and the crisis gives us the chance of exploring a new one, but this time, finally taking care of universal solidarity values and prevalence of communal property.
This economic system has leaks everywhere and we would have to stop trying to re-float it. It can continue some more kilometres to the drift, but sooner or later it will sink. The individual progress at the cost of the group does not have a future; the life on its own and the laws of nature are showing it. Whatever is not sustainable, sinks, and the keys of this sustainability are preservation of nature and priority of the collective benefit.
In this system that is starting to sink, we have the right to ask for food and shelter and for continuing in the same consumption lifestyle, however we can not expect it to do it for long time because it will end up breaking down and our society with it. It is easy to ask to not be fired but we doubt is time for that. We think that we most probably should start using our imagination in order to visualize other productive activities, another city, another land and start building it!

First of all, let’s clarify what is and what is not in crisis.
House speculation is in crisis. The necessity of shelter and refuge, is not. There is lack of paid jobs but there are so many tasks that still need to be done. While a large amount of people fight to pay their mortgages, thousands of houses are abandoned and in bad condition because its owners do not sell them or use them.
Remunerated jobs are in crisis but the necessity of feeding ourselves is not. While thousands of people stay home waiting for someone to give them a job, in the suburbs of villages and big cities there are a large quantity of abandoned lands, when in order to cultivate them there would only be needed the time that a lot of people exceed.
Industrial production is in crisis. The necessity of using products, is not. While an unimaginable number of objects stop being used when broken or when the buyer gets bored, thousands of workers do not fix them because no one pays them for the reparation. Who works for free for someone who afterwards will not share it?
Empty apartments, abandoned lands, non used objects. What do they have in common? That its owner forbids others to use them, without using them on its own. The biggest crisis is the private property one that holds economic and social relations.
How come someone dears to say that nothing can be done about the crisis? How come politics and bankers dear to ask us to trust in a system that is so stupid? Economy does not work? What does not work is the capitalism!

The compatibility between the capital gained, accumulation of capital and speculation from the rich side versus consumption with economic and social rights, from the population side, it’s over!That was only possible when with the future income, the past expenses were paid, meaning, only through a growth that can not continue.
Now, everything is about maintaining the capitalist benefits for a few people or getting back a worthy life for everyone. Both things at the same time are not possible because they were the result of a prevarication.
A lie of a growth based on credit an spoliation of nature.
Declaration of a new post capitalist era
Right now we know that we can not solve a problem with the same way of thinking that has created it. Then, the solution is to think in a new way, isn’t it? So, let’s go:

From now on we proclaim our revolt to the old world, we declare sunk the civilization of the unused private property. Due to the fact the states insist in perpetuate this non-viable model, the declarators will revoke the sovereignty deposited given to them by us.And so, we will inaugurate a new civilization of necessities and the right to use. Everyone will have the right to use everything needed, when not being used by anyone. Everyone will be proprietor of what they use and if several people use it, it will become a communal property. The knowledge will be released and everyone will be able to enjoy them.
>>We declare initiated a new post capitalist era; the era of the right to use, of the economy of resources and communal goods. It will be done by managing well the resources that the capitalism underutilizes and it is necessary to share them, this is the way we will transform the crisis in a positive change.

Fields without being cultivated, empty flats, non-resident houses, abandoned objects, food thrown away, bad used energy, cars with a single occupant, towns to repopulate, deprived culture of freedom. They are all seeds on top of which a new economy for a new world can be built. A world in which we have a lot of things to do.
We will finish with the large estates, we will rehabilitate houses, seed the land and we look after the forests. We will share the tools, release the knowledge, auto produce the energy, distribute what is basic. We will look after the weak, exchange time, we will give smiles.
From popular self-management
we will built the total occupation.
Everyone will have things to contribute to the communal property and each one will receive what needed. Mainly: shelter, heat, food and water.
Together we will share our knowledge and we will learn again. We will enjoy the pleasure to share, to relate and to love each other. We will recuperate the lost feeling of knowing how to live that the touch of the credit cards have taken away.

This is not a crazy peoples thought. In reality, we do not affirm anything different than the American natives did. (yes, those wants from which we snatched their mother earth more than 500 years ago.):
Extract of ‘Llamamiento desde los Pueblos Indígenas frente a la Crisis de Civilización Occidental Capitalista’
(Call from the Indigenous Towns against the Crisis of the Western Civilization Capitalist).
“Urgen nuevos paradigmas de convivencia y en ese contexto, no sólo “otros mundos son posibles”, sino que son urgentes, y además, están siendo ya construidos desde las primeras víctimas de las formas más bárbaras de la violencia capitalista/colonial/moderna y contemporánea: los Pueblos y Comunidades Indígenas, Originarios, Campesinos, Ribereños, Quilombolas, Afrodescendientes, Garífunas, Caboclos, Dalits, entre otros; y sus hijos que migraron a las barriadas/fabelas pobres de las ciudades; y todos los demás excluidos, invisibles e “intocables” del planeta; quienes seguimos resistiendo, fortaleciendo y actualizando formas alternativas de organización social, tecnológica, ética, política, económica, cultural y espiritual de la existencia humana.”
“New paradigms of coexistence arise and in this context, not only “other worlds are possible” but they are urgent, and moreover, they are being built from the first victims of the most barbarian ways of the capitalist/colonial/modern and contemporary violence: town of Indigenous communities, Original Towns, Farmers, Coastal, Quilombolas, Afro descendents, Garífunas, Caboclos, Dalits, among others; and its children who emigrated to the poor quarters/favelas of the cities; and all the others excluded, invisible and ” untouchable” of the planet; who continue resisting, fortifying and updating alternative forms of social, technological, ethical, political, economic, cultural and spiritual organization of the human existence.”
With this alive inspiration, it occupies us the not postponed task of building, here and now, a new way of own life of the several western countries, with new values, new institutions and new illusions. This instituting process does not begin now but ,with this publication we want to encourage it so it culminates with the constitution, on part of a large number of people, of a new way of organizing ourselves in society.
This is NOT an attack against someone.
Everyone can make mistakes and we cannot deny the right of a second chance, even though they did not give it at the time.This IS a call to all the crew and passengers that think, feel or need this change, come together with us in order to built new and more stable boats before this “Titanic” finishes sinking.In front of this change of the civilization, each person has to relocate its paper in life.
Now or never, let’s be the change that we want to see in the World!
Using our sovereignty, we stablish a transition period so everyone can start thinking about it and whoever wants to, can be part of this post capitalist movement. The details of the transition to abandon the old world and to start living according to this new paradigm, can be found in the central pages.
Barren lands and houses that fall.
Let’s repopulate new ideas.
Organize yourself!
Together we can do it!
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March 17th We can Live Without Capitalism
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