New York Film Festival

April 18, 2010

Glass Bead Collective, WarCry Cinema and Void Network created an amazing anarchist film festival in New York with the help of many different collectives and creative film makers that offered films and perspectives.
It was the 4th Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will our comrade who murdered by a government sniper in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 27, 2006, as he was filming the social uprising there. More than 250 people attended the wonderful venue and created an inspirational atmosphere.   
Many people and collectives showed their films and documentaries in the three screens walls bringing together art, politics and social awareness. Independent and anarchist filmmakers from around the world have traveled to NYC to screen their brilliant films and offer their ideas and their analysis. Many filmakers shared their narrations with us and explained the cause and the meaning of some short films and documentaries.
The night was passing and the people were staying. The event expanded in 8 hours of film shows, as also prose, manifesto and poetry readings.  The people were travelling all night into the global anarchist network.
At the midnight the Void Network people read fragments from We Are an Image From The Future book as also their poetry in a multi media environment featuring reading, Void Art and atmospheric melodic electronika.
In the next morning we participated in the Anarchist Book Fair panel The Insurrectionary Hypothesis, including except from Void Network, people from NYC student movements and activists from Copenhagen climate change summit.
Our talk in Anarchist Book fair about “We Are an Image from the Future” book and the Greek social revolt is taking place in Sunday 18 April in 3.30 in the afternoon
Our last talk in U.S.A. will be in Tuesday 20 April 2010 in Bluestockings Bookshop
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