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Anafi island Roukounas Beach / Free Camping Movement

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Following the decision of the assembly of Free Camping Movement we decided to do not use electricity and sound system for this year event at Roukounas beach on island Anafi. Our effort to create conditions of meeting, mutual education and self-organized co-ordination of spreading the ecological aweareness and pleasure of freedom, love, and respect of nature is meeting the needs and wishes of people in Roukounas beach. Roukounas beach is a wonderfull beach that for more than 25 years is accomodating the dreams, the wishes, the personal visions and the collective pleasures of thousands space travellers, romantics, freaks, hippies and revolutionaries of consciousness…
The summer is following the days and nights, the moon is getting bigger and bigger on the silver blue night sky,… the girls and boys are making love at the beach and dreaming a society created by Dreams and Erotic Smiles
Free Camping Movement in Anafi will invite at Saturday 21 August a night celebration on the beach with the improvisational sound of the musicians, the boys and girls that stay at the beach now…The event will include also at the same afternoon a general Free Camping Movement assembly inviting all people expressing their strategies and ideas for the expanding of our movement as also a cleaning action of the whole beach at Sunday 22 August 2010
We still beleive that Roukounas beach is a great space for a great beach party but we believe also that the idea of inviting the people to self-organize the celebration is a very interesting experiment that we can put in practice in Anafi with its great tradition of improvisational music in the beach by great musicians… Of course, as all improvisations nobody can predict what will happen,… but all of us we are sure that the beach, the moon, the vast sea and the stars will offer to all of us a great night, like every night this summer…
Keep traveling, keep dreaming, keep fighting back conservatism, massive stupidity and social apathy!
We will meet at the end of the open horizon! 

 Report for the event in Anafi island: For many people, the Free Camping Movement in Anafi  island felt like an original Human Be-In, a collective spiritual tradition lost in the end of 60’s…. All people of the beach gathered after the sunset around a big camp fire… The atmosphere in the beginning was strange, many people didn’t know each other even though they were living many days in the same beach, many people were feeling strange to each other… The musicians started playing first with mystical minimal improvisations, then with wild swing, jazz and original blues, reggae… Late at night crazy drummers expanded the vibrations of the night, all people started been drunk from sweet raki, ouzo and wine, getting erotic, laying down on the beach on each other’s bodies, the moon flying on the night summer sky… Later at night people brought on the beach a high quality sound blaster that spread all around the camp fire the mellow and smooth sounds of psychedelic trance and space ambient until the sunrise that found us all in love, happy and friends…
The Be-In tradition re-invented on the Roukounas beach / Anafi  Greece in 21 August 2010, offer wine for all, lovers and friends… The activists from Void Network will do an action of gathering all trashes of the beach with the help of all campers in Sunday 22 August sunset
 We will meet soon again, you are all invited in Saturday 18 September on Giona mountain in the forest….  

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