“A. En archin en to Pathos A. In the beggining, there was Pathos” – Äkaterine Papa

May 2, 2015

In the night
A small universe was
Forming in your body
You were calling me
To tell me about it
And i was listening…
Your dark and filthy
filling the most secret
gaps of my sorrow
Full of warmth
And light.
Like burning stars
falling into me
from the space above.
And i wanted more
And more.
The dirtier the better
Ancient secrets
escaping my mouth.
And i wanted more
And more…
To be a slut
at my masters hands.

I would follow You
But You knew it

H Alpha_pi, Nadine aus Berlin, Äkaterine Papa και άλλα πολλά είναι μια σχιζοειδής προσωπικότητα που περιφέρεται στις λεωφόρους του μυαλού μαζεύοντας εμπειρίες, λουλούδια, επιθυμίες και τέτοια.

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