Photos and Thanks to Mr.Peculiar for this great night 12 May 2007

May 16, 2007

Dear friends,
we have to say big thanks to everybody that came to the party (about 1500 people).
We have to say great thanks to all the people that they came early in the morning to help us built the party (especialy the people from Natural High Family, Creative Space Collective, Aposyntonismos Collective, Iliosporoi and all personal help by many people).We faced very difficult situation there this weekend cause the president of the university decided that the best way to “protect the asylum” is to turn Polutexnioupoli to Necropolis, to lock the doors and leave the students outside with no right to organize their concerts and parties there…
We faced very difficult situation there cause we had to moove the party in the last moment and squat the Students Accommodation Campus nearby and many students from the houses wanted to stop the party…! We have to say many thanks to many people that they arrived to the doors of Accomodation campus and they spoke for many hours to the students for to make them understand that we can make the party all together and protect the area from all problems…
Everything was O.k. in the end….It was very noisy for the students that they wanted to sleep but we hope they will not hate us for this… They have to put some pressure also to the president of the university to allow the events in Polutexnioupoli and as long as they don’t care maybe they will face the same problems in the future again…
We have to thanks also dj Differ, dj Kinomatix, Sissy Stardust, Crystal Zero, dj Nikitas, Dimitris Nats, Andreas Nats, Alexandros Nats, Trifonas Nats, Iraklis Mindphaser (great neo-goa and full on 4 hours set) and of course Mr.Peculiar and his wonderfull wife Ninjia for the three and a half hours Hyperception set….
(The wife of mr.Peculiar is pregnant and she stayed there playing so many hours for us in one of her great sets in europe… She will go back in Australia after the end of the tour in August for to bring in life a new member of the underground psychedelic way of life)
It was a great gathering in a wonderful summer night…
Thank you all,
Void Network (Theory,Utopia, Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)
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