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Rozbrat: One of the oldest European squats in Poland calls for solidarity in face of eviction threat

Rozbrat, an anarchist squatted space in Poland, has called for solidarity in face of eviction threat. Rozbrat is located in the western Poland city of Poznan. The property was squatted in 1994 and since then it became an alternative politics and cultural centre. It also serves as a home for over 20 people, and is both temporary and permanent shelter for homeless people. The principal idea behind the space is… …

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Underground Resistance- Sat. 24/12 Electro Techno Zone EMBROS Occupied Theatre

ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟ / VOID NETWORK presents UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE Electro TECHNO Zone Saturday 24 December 2016 GEORGE APERGIS ALMOST DEFF DJANE ZOYA ECHOSENSE PROJECT WAR DUAT visuals: VOID OPTICAL ART LABORATORY starts 23.00 Occupied theatre EMBROS Riga Palamidi 3 – Psiris Είμαστε όλοι μπάσταρδοι, τρελοί και ερωτευμένοι. Ζήσε με αυτούς που έχουν επικίνδυνα όνειρα, απελευθερωτικά σχέδια, ριζοσπαστικές επιθυμίες. Ταξίδεψε μέχρι την άκρη του γνωστού σου κόσμου. Αγωνίσου δίπλα σε όσους… …

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VOID NETWORK  presents a night for  the Occupied Theatre “EMBROS” an Open / Autonomous Art Space in Athens Greece TECHNO | ΙDΜ |   EXPERIMENTAL |  ΑΜΒΙΕΝΤ TRANCE SATURDAY  23 MARCH 2013 PARTY ΕΝΙΣΧΥΣΗΣ  ΘΕΑΤΡΟΥ “ΕΜΠΡΟΣ” Ρήγα Παλαμήδου 2, Ψυρρή GEORGE APERGIS  (Modular Expansion)  POEN  VENUS MELENA  CHAOTIC MOON  GLOSTER Occupied theatre Embros is a self-organised autonomous art space for cultural expression  and social action! Central characteristics of the space are:… …

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VOID NETWORK (Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts) contact,participation: proudly presents public autonomous ecstatic zone AMBIENTRANCEDELICA No72ELECTRO ACIDPSYCHEDELICTRANCE EXPERIENCE + visual art byVoid Optical Art Laboratory + special void decoration and light show FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2008 POLUTEXNIOUPOLI starts 10.30 entrance Katexaki10.30-12.00:d.j. SISSY STARDUST(void network)[psychedelic ambient]12.00-12.50:BENI LAVA [progressive trance]12.50-1.45:HIGHPNO(void network)[melodic full on]1.45-3.15:d.j.NIKITAS(void network)[psychedelic trance]3.15-4.30:d.j.IRAKLIS MINDPHASER(natural high)[full on psy trance]info:http://naturalhighfamily.blogspot.com4.30-5.30:LIVE CONCERT>>OMEGAHERTZ[neo-goa]info: NATS (natural high)[full on psy trance]6.45-end:d.j.CRYSTAL ZERO(void network)vs d.j.VERTIGO(void network)[psychedelic acid trance]… …

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Photos and Thanks to Mr.Peculiar for this great night 12 May 2007

Dear friends, we have to say big thanks to everybody that came to the party (about 1500 people). We have to say great thanks to all the people that they came early in the morning to help us built the party (especialy the people from Natural High Family, Creative Space Collective, Aposyntonismos Collective, Iliosporoi and all personal help by many people).We faced very difficult situation there this weekend cause the… …

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