Void History: INDIE FREE FESTIVAL no.17 / 13_10_07

November 27, 2007

Void Network
(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)
temporary autonomous ecstatic zone
saturday 13 october / Pedion Areos
(Athens central Park)
from 16.00 until next morning
stage 1
[underground rock]
stage 2
[ambientrancedelica experience]

it was a wonderful night / squatted central park / two stages / rock stage and electronica stage…after 12 o clock it turns to trance stage / 3000 people / from 3.30 in the afternoon to 10 o clock in the next morning / very beautifull people coming/ the friends/ the athens scene/ the bands /a temporary autonomous zone/people spend their time happy together / for 17 years/ year after year / the new bands of the alternative underground scene together with some of the pioneer older groups/ hundreds of great underground bands invited until now from Void Network to play on the stage of Indie Free Festival/ more than 100 high quality demos and records come to our hands every year for to find place in the programme of the festival/ all the people of the collective participate in the hard decision of choosing the bands that will play this year/hundreds of activists and artists participated for free, without any salary for the creation of this fantastic free festival/ autonomous zone/ a collective explosion/ a moment of life

the video is directed by Global Eye/London Void Network
from stage 1 / a great anthem of the Greek underground/ rock anti consumerism /antiwork /anticapitalistic anthem : “Solines” (the tubes) by one of the most important dadaists of Greece :
The Lost Bodies
more info about Lost Bodies in

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