Kolonaki Commercial Market of Athens / Void Network Against the Market

November 23, 2007

it all started 10.30 in the morning…23 November 2007
We brought 8000 Watt in the high luxury commercial center of Athens / Kolonaki sq. / the perfect symbol of neoliberal cynicism and bourgouasie apathy.
We prepared the sound system and dj Kernecolemode started playing total noise…
For sure…
It was not possible to consume happily and enjoy shopping

The owners of the cafeterias appeared first, then came the owners of the shops
all of them shouting in the middle of the total noise that “nobody can buy anything under this circumstances” and “nobody can stay in their shops with all this noise”…
Everything was under control…The plan was working!
Then the police appeared…

It took us half an hour to negotiate with the police…They said that they will arrest us all as long we don’t go away after 2.00 o clock…This made us shout louder / we could not go on until the night / unfortunately Furokawa collective had to wait for the next total noise attack of Void Network to the city market. The poets made the noise louder shouting Wake Up! to the rich consumers/ 
Shouting Help!The earth is Dying!Your Life is dying!
The Void Manifestos was making the people wonder…
Many super-ego rich people came near by 
to tell us go away, many young and rich people 
wanted to make fight with us to defend their identity…
many old people found it 
interesting to speak with us 
(under all this noise)
many people they was just standing, looking at the sky,
thinking, taking our flyer in their hands to read
to have a moment of introspection…
Many people say that 
we need just a moment for to change our mind
We hope this moment happened today


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