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February 20, 2010

The New Yorkers,…they hate New York..

All day spent just going and coming to the work, most of the day in work and then exhaustion…All life spent in the effort to pay back the bank loans, education loans, health care, private insurance, expensive rent.The city vibrates Melancholy, Alienation, Loneliness, and Fear…There is not any culture in a place that people are obliged care only for their daily survival…or better the only culture that exists in New York in 2010 is the vast silence of isolated individual lifetime .

Consumers walk in the snow

The only way to survive psychologically from isolation is to search immediately for comrades, cultural activists, underground media networkers and crazy motherfuckers ready to put themselves in the great risk to confront Global capitalism and Police state in the center of the Eye of the Hurricane

The New York Void Network creative cells had amazing night time meetings with people from Yippie Party and Indigenous Movement in the Yippie Party Headquarters social center Yippie Museum : located in Greenwich Village at 9 Bleecker Street between Bowery and Elizabeth CALL 212-677-5918.

We talked about Million Marijuana March, the global network of Legalize it Festivals, totalitarianism and authoritarian manipulation of humankind by the elite, the future of poor people. of Native Americans and youth of Amerikkka

Our great spiritual friend Priyia Reddy / WarCryCinema and Glass Bead Collective ( media activists & creators of the film Terrorrizing Dissent) reprogrammed an open constant process of co-ordination of actions with Void Network and participation to the project Total Freedom Film (under-construction experimental void art full length movie).

Through the collective power created from these meetings we organized amazing events that will take place from 16 to 21 of April in New York, including Anarchist Film Festival, participation in Anarchist Book Fair and Word’s Environments/multi media poetry action

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