Carboro / North Carolina : We Are an Image from the Future U.S.A.Tour 2010

February 24, 2010

Carboro in North Carolina is one of the craziest places in Amerikkka… It’s a small town of 15.000 people and the strong anarchist scene vibrates its inspirational message all around the planet… People from Crimethinc ex workers collective offered us accommodation and helped us to organize our open public talk in Internationalist Bookshop… We arrived in the city one day earlier and we had the amazing chance to celebrate the Gay Christmas, organized by The Institute for Experimental Freedom, CrimeThinc and all wonderful LesbianGayBisexualTransexual and SadoMasochistic community of the town… It was a great sex party organized in a big collective house and arranged in many different rooms of sex action and a well organized basement for dancing electro sexy music (of course we don’t have photos from this but it was really sweet and nice erotic atmosphere) … The next morning the celebration continued in another house that turned into community center featuring great vegan food, friendly chatting at the garden on the sunshine… You can find more info about some of the people organizing Gay Christmas here:
Also you can see some amazing Queer movies, info & collective’s links proposed by our friends from The Institute for Experimental People navigate here:
The days continued from collective house to collective house…It seems that as the totalitarianism of USA don’t allow the existence of almost any kind of squat or social center or community project creative people use their houses to accommodate collective moments like concerts, parties, open talks, collective cooking and orgies…We really believe that this a great proof about the unstoppable power of human beings invent all possible conditions to share ecstatic collective Joy and Love fighting against authority, even if they have to turn a house into a castle of resistance….
A part of this is the Prison Books collective, mailing hundreds and hundreds of packages with support letters and books every month to all prisoners in USA and publishing the magazine Words of Fire featuring poems & prose by prisoners…
Crimethinc people and the undergound community of Corboro is also responsible for the world known project of Really Really Free Market taking place monthly in Carboro and many other local ecological and neighborhood scale struggles
more info about Really Really Free Market :
We met also many very intersesting travelers and old firends in Carboro featuring creators of the film The Chicago Conspirancy by Subversive Action films group
After all these beautiful moments, our talk about the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos by Greek police and the riots and the social insurrection in Greece obviously gathered all active people of the town in a pact, vibrating and inspirational infoshop/radical community project Internationalist bookshop. Under a big cinema screen covered with Void Optical Art Lab./Void Historic Archive photos from December 2008 we talked for about an hour and half about Greece (how we organize assembly, counter information, demonstrations and autonomous student groups as strategically important tools for the sustaining of the social struggle). We talked also about Spain, England and the importance of our own efforts in affecting the social context that encourages or inhibits rebellion; that culture is not born but created. Spain and England provide useful examples of societies at other points in a continuum between social control and rebellion, and how governments push their societies to be less supportive of social struggles, unless people in those struggles push back.
The night continued with a long detailed talk about Greece featuring also our own questions about the quite limited connection of white anarchists with black communities. People from Apoc / Anarchist People of Color and many others offered deep analysis.
We are happy to say that the community of Carboro is amazing…
Traveling, public talks and visual representations of our ideas, visons and active strategies in U.S.A. continues to Ashville 23feb and then New Orleans in 25feb.
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