Clearmont University / California // We Are An Image From The Future U.S.A. Tour

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The new anarchist / autonomist / insurrectionary youth and student movement that is taking place now in the universities of California and many other places in amerikkka is maybe the most important movement in our days in USA. Young people from many different economic, social and cultural backgrounds are coming together in their schools to fight against capitalism. In a period of economic crisis the students understand that there is not future for them, there is not any hope, the anxiety, the boredom and the wage slavery is the real face of the American Dream. The fight against the cademic elite, the corporations that control education and the every day life misery is a fight of all of us, a fight that brings together all of us. 

For many hours we were speaking in the occupied room of the autonomous anarchist student group of Clearmont University. You can find some of their ideas, struggles, visions and mobilazation here:

Following the links in the sites and blogs of this movement will offer you a clear idea about a very complicated movement that is starting to get stronger and stronger all over the world, the movement of the people with no hope, the youth of our times….inteligent, ecstatic, angry and wild, uncontroled young people. The people that will conquar this world soon….