Grand Canyon / Arizona // We Are An Image from The Future

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The tour continues and the vast beauty of the nature expands infront of us. Every step in the land of amerikkka is a realization of the european colonalization and the destruction of Indigenous cultures.
Walking among the Grand Canyon, we try to remove the fake forced smiles of the tourists and focus on the history of this majestic place with all our senses We try to be open to receive the mystical enrichments of Grand Canyon.
The native americans have not disappeared from the planet earth they are still here around us , they walk and they breath the air of their land.

Anasazi Indians lived in the eastern part of the Grand Canyon and the tribe called Cohonina lived in the western part of the Canyon. They were hunting and gathering. They had their ceremonies in their spiritual places in the abyss of Grand Canyon.
The five Tribes that represent the Grand Canyon today are Havasupia and Hualapai, Southern Paiute, Navajo and Hopi.

During the night we met and talk about Greek insurrection, about the struggle of Native Americans of our times and the building of international solidaity with all amazing people that participate in the important
Taala Hoogan Infoshop & Youth Media Arts Center, ” an Indigenous-established volunteer-run collective dedicated to creatively confronting and overcoming social and environmental injustices in Flagstaff and surrounding areas.”
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