Northern California & South Oregon // Red Wood Forest & Boone’s Farm // We Are An Image from The Future U.S.A. Tour 2010

March 26, 2010

We arrive at the Red Wood Forest , the trees are so high like in our dreams , they try to touch the sky as our revolutionary spirit expands to the land of total freedom. The branches from the trees remind us to respect the Mother Earth , the damp ground, the rivers, the flowers, the song of the birds, the cold clean air is offering to us the great beauty of the nature as a warm-hearted gift. The balance of the forest screams when capitalism swallows one piece of it. In Red Wood Forest the ideas and actions of eco-activism, the wild manifesto’s of Green Anarchy, the visions of John Zerzan and anarco-primitivist scene of Eugene makes sense even for techno-rave futurists. Here you understand why the people defend so passionately the Nature, why they fight against capitalist civilization. You understand the passion of all these people living on trees and defending the forest from exploitation and destruction, you understand the dreams and hopes of all people that attack against the industrialization and the economic regime. 

Through the Pacific we arrive at Booney’s Farm in South Oregon. All people here working in nature, take care of the animals and the plants, organizing educational eco-seminars, and concerts and campaigns and expressing their example of life and work in the nature day after day.
You can have an experience of their life to this video:

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