4th annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival // Call for Submission of Films

March 24, 2010

Void Network 
announces the participation to the creation of
4th annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in
16 April 2010
in Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington square NYC
It will be an amazing
political, social & artistic event featuring simultaneously
projections of films on 6 screens 
and we invite all creative political aware
film makers to submit their films

WEB: www.nyanarchistfilmfest.org

Call For Entries

The New York Anarchist Film Festival is now accepting submissions. We
are seeking short films and movies from your local projects, actions
and movements. The shorter the better. Rebellious, strong,
insurrectionary and diverse. Subversive, political and cultural
content. Send shorts about the creation of autonomous non-hierarchical
communities. Send us a 30 second greetings from your collective,
squat, or project.

Due date for submissions is April 10th, 2010

To submit your films, email us links to your video. We can grab stuff
off youtube, indybay, 
archive.org or pretty much any video sharing
site. If the video is not online, you can email us a copy through a
file sending service like yousend it.

In case you have a very large file or would prefer to send us video in
physical format,emails for upload instructions or snailmail address.

The main submissions email is:

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