Vancouver Canada // We Are an Image From the Future U.S.A. Tour 2010

April 10, 2010

After April 2 We Are An Image from the Future / U.S.A. tour continues in two different directions. For more info about dates and cities you can see here:

On 2 April people from the tour went to Vancouver and gave a talk on “Democracy as Totalitarianism” at the anarchist space at 12th and Clark.
 The place was packed for the talk, many folks were newcomers to the space, and nearly everyone stayed for the two hour presentation and the discussion that followed. The anarchists in Vancouver seemed energized and unified after their mobilization against the Olympics, alongside Native revolutionaries, activists, and land defenders opposed to fun and games, as well as business as usual, on stolen land.

Vancouver has several interesting spaces and projects going on. Here’s just a few:

anarchist space in vancouver
Anti-Olympics Page
Warrior Publications, by ZigZag
Vancouver radical bookstore
Submedia TV
Anti-capitalist TV show

The photos on this post are from the uncompromised struggles of the Native Tribes and the Anarchists of Vancouver against the State, against the Olympic games, against police, corporations and against poverty.
The folowing video explains the reasons that all these people fought against the winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010.  

Resist 2010: Eight Reasons to Oppose the 2010 Winter Olympics. (LOW RES) from BurningFist Media on Vimeo.

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