Void Network // Message in memory of Jack Dale Collins, a homeless man that was shot and murdered by the Portland Police

April 2, 2010

Void Network // Message in memory of Jack Dale Collins, a homeless man that was shot and murdered by the Portland Police

Dear friends, the days of social and race isolation finished! The days of the distant identities and the cultural separations are finished. All of us will fight from each ones stand point. All the social and cultural identities and the ideological disagreements that kept us in distance, inactive and exclusive now are passing in a new period of action. Our time is now and our place is our cities, our towns, the squares, the parks, the universities, the workplaces…All our theories, our different opinions, our differences will become a great vast wave that will destroy the old world, will eliminate the political elite and the dominant regime. All our differences will work and will become a great fire that will  burn domination, alienation, authority and racism…We will learn to share our ideas and visions with different people from us and we will defend our theories in practice and action, not just with words and attitudes but with our strategies and our public political existance.  In the next weeks, months, years, the police will know that whenever will murders someone in the streets, riots will take place everywhere, the bosses will know that any time they through a worker out of job all of us will attack the offices together, the racists, the sexists, the fascists soon will know that we have a great power and the strongest ever wave of liberation in the human history starts now and it starts from our hearts… Dear friends, people of this world,…from now on everyone of us will fight for all of you… We are the Anarchists, the Insurrectionists, the Queers and Freaks and crazy motherfuckers…Crazy enough to have no fear…Wise enough to continue a struggle that is going on for thousands of years and will continue for thousands of years in the future… the fight for Total Freedom, Social –Economic-Political Equality, Dignity and Perfect Mutual Aid… We hope you will start now your own group and you will turn your company of friends in a insurrectionary cell of Life, Love, Chaos & Total Freedom
There are plenty of beautiful and inspiring things happening in every city. There are comrades in your very own city, everywhere. Look around you…Understand the illusions of the people and fight against them….Hear the fears, the hopes and the needs of the people around you and fight on their side…Make them feel the benefit of your fight….Participate, Take Initiative, Act, Spread your Influence!
The fight is starting now… In the memory of Jack Dale Collins, a homeless man having a mental health crisis that was shot and murdered by the Portland Police. Two months ago, Aaron Campbell, a suicidal black man grieving over the death of his brother the same day, was shot with beanbag guns, killed by a shot in the back, and had dogs released on his corpse. We start our fight on the memory of this man… Last year Oscar Grant shot by the police in Oakland, handcuffed, in front of the eyes of frozen people… We will not stay frozen anymore… We are an Image from the future…and the future is starting now!  

Solidarity protests, flyering, blockades, and other actions will take place in the Bay Area, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, and elsewhere in 8 & 9 April and the wave will become stronger and stronger from struggle to struggle. United States of America is not a vast country anymore, we are not alone, we are not isolated…Our friendship, solidarity, co-ordination of action and networking brings our hearts and minds together in all country… Whatever happens here it happens everywhere!… Wherever we are, whoever we are, whatever we do… Now We Are Ready to Fight Back…
We Are an Image from the Future…
and the future starts NOW!…

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