Report: Wandering in Amsterdam & participation at the Anarchist Festival Pinksterlanddagen

May 25, 2010

The days of the festival of course were more enthousuastic for all of us….A lot of  people, more than 500 people from all Netherlands, many books, pamphlets, talks, some very interesting lectures… Among them one of the most interesting was the talk of Gabriel Khun : “Is Anarchism Just western?” and the talk just after that about Anarchism in Middle East. Void Optical Art Laboratory // Void Network did some inspirational projections at the night of the concert of ska, reaggae and dub bands ans djs.
Tasos Sagris from Void Network spoke for 4.30 hours in the last day of the festival sharing strateges, methodologies and ideas about the Greek movements and the building of international solidarity 
(recorded sound archive of the major parts of the talk soon available here through Holland Indymdia)
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Void Network announces the participation at Anarchist Festival Pinksterlanddagen from 21 until 23 of May in Holland

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Bfest // International Antiauthoritarian Festival // Wen. 26- Sun. 30 May 2010 // Athens School of Arts

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