Void Network announces the participation at Anarchist Festival Pinksterlanddagen from 21 until 23 of May in Holland

May 22, 2010

announces the 

participation at

Anarchist Festival 
21 until 23 of May 
in Holland 

The Anarchist Festival
is taking place in the same 
area from 1924
for the last 77 years :

The co-editors of the book
We Are an Image from The Future
(The Greek Revolt of December 2008)
from Void Network
will speak in Sunday  23 May
at 15.00
continuing the talks from 
U.S.A. 2010 // Void Network Tour
followed the publication of the book

you can have an idea of the 
We Are an Image from The Future U.S.A. talks
from the presentation at B.A.S.T.A.R.D Conference, Berkeley University:


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