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Void Network History: Gathering of the Tribes 2008 // Void Network multi media laboratories participation

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This is a video representing perfectly 
the Void Art ecstatic atmosphere,
the work of Void Optical  Art Laboratories,
the collective creativity of open source
art projects and the influential participation of
Global Eye (London Void Network)
Free Art Zone cultural activists
[] to the
artforms of Void Network

Void Art is a liquid light orchestra of dreams and the 
flow of a creative consciousness that expands to the 
horizons of this world

Void Network History:
International trance and dance festival
March 22nd – 24th, 2008
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2 Nights & 3 Days, 5 Floors + Outdoor Area with Tipi, Band Stage and Live Music
with the participation of VOID Network

Void Network / Global Eye & Free Art Zone multi media artists (the multi media artists that represents what we call Void Optical Art Laboratories) participated at the Gathering of The Tribes festval in 2008 having the responsibility of all visual arts of the festival for all days and all stages… It was an amazing experience of collective colaboration. The video includes scenes from the main stage and is capturing the ecstatic atmosphere of Void Art visual projections


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