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February 3, 2011

Revolution People!Revolution!

“The People Wants to bring Down the Regime”

Void Network hosts here the link of a fine blog written directly in Cairo and trying to spread news and opinions from Egypt underground to the insurrectionists and people from all over the world who express solidarity to the struggle of Egyptian people.

This blog is a collection of comments, contributions and visual media from the Egyptian uprising. It is sent out from one of the few locations in Cairo with an internet connection. Mubarak’s regime cut the internet to the country ahead of a call for a day of rage. The consequences of this day have gone beyond any expectations.
“The people want to bring down the regime” has become the most common chant on the streets.
please use the contact of the blog or the email
to send reports, news, opinions and messages of solidarity to the Egyptian people who struggle for
Total Freedom, a freedom that goes beyond the limitations of state, religion, class, gender, race or ethnicity

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