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John Holloway’s talk at B-FEST 2011

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During B-Fest 2011, Void Network was responsible for the influential panel in Saturday 28 May titled
Inversion and Self-organization: Politics in the hands of society”
and including

Speaking: John Holloway (Universidad autonoma de Puebla), Alexandros Kioupkiolis (Thesaloniki’s University)
Nawfal el Sadikk (TUN), Tarnac Society / Tiqqun magazine and Movement for Justice in “el Barrio” : East Harlem citizens committee
This is the video of the talk of John Holloway in 3 parts. In his lecture John Holloway is making a critique against Money and Work explaining the reasons of our Rage against them. He analysis also Autonomous tools and practices of Self-Organization of Every Day Social Life:


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