“Notes on the Struggle in Greece” by Void Network

July 3, 2011

Void Network
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1.  As long as you negate the logic of “political party or NGO or one big anarchist organization” (as we do) and you cannot even have some good friends, that you can trust 100% and you can think, talk, analyse, organize and take action with them, how exactly you think to materialize your “great” revolutionary plans?  Is it possible to do it alone? (the alienated, the isolated, the anti-social people find themselves alone in front of a computer screen and comment about friendship that is silly and childish).                             


2. Some “radical” people wonder naively in the internet “why the Greeks don’t use the guns to do their revolution”?… The idea is to invite open public assemblies, to create spaces for public dialogue,  dialogues in the public space, to share your ideas and learn from the ideas of the others,  to achieve visibility and manifest social / political actions at your neighborhood, at your city, in your continent. If you cannot do even that how is possible to expect your neighbors take guns and fight against the Government, the IMF, the NATO? Isn’t it ridiculous pseudo-revolutionary fetishism and totally irrelevant speaking about “guns” when we can’t even make our ideas comprehendible and accepted, when we cannot organize and co-ordinate our political and social struggles in local and Global scale, when we cannot mobilize even our few thousands of comrades around the world for a visible common cause?                                                                                                                                         WAKE UP! MOBILISE, ORGANIZE, DEMONSTRATE, PARTICIPATE AT SOCIAL STRUGGLES WHEREVER YOU STAND, WHOEVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER YOU DO, WHATEVER YOU NEED, HOWEVER YOU THINK. THE STREETS, THE NEIGHBORHOOD, THE CENTRAL SQUARE, THE SCHOOL, THE UNIVERSITY, THE PUBLIC SPACE, THE WORKING SPACE, THE ENTERTAINMENT ZONE, THE MARKET, THE STADIUM, THE MUSEEM, THE GALLERY, THE CLUB, THE MALL ARE THE FIELDS OF SOCIAL WAR. IT IS YOUR OWN DECISION WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. SOLIDARITY IS THE WEAPON OF THE PEOPLE. FIGHT AGAINST THE WAR OF CAPITALISTS TO THE PEOPLE.
3. National General Strike Day is limited for those ones having a work and house to go back. For all millions of us that we don’t own a life, this struggle has not an ending and no beginning. The antagonistic movement,  the efforts of the Public Assemblies in all country and the Public Assembly of Parliament sq. succeeded to enforce the General Syndicate of Workers of Greece to organize 48 hours National scale General Strike after 25 years. The people in Greece occupying 24/7 the Central square of Athens just infront of the Greek Parliament and all the central squares of the major cities all over the country from 27 May until today (count the days). They defended all these squares from very serious attack of the police to destroy the occupations in 15 June and in 28-29 June. The people defended the squares against “chemical war” of the police using tear gus prohibited to use it even at warzones in the “Geveva contract” war laws- in Athens only Police used 2.850 tear gus bombs in 2 days ). Even though,… NOBODY RUN (who said that?).The people combat with police for 8 hours per day, they defended the squares, kept them under occupation, enforced the police to retreat, gained political support and respect from the majority of the society, expanded the antagonistic practices, produced general hate for the practices of the police, continued the occupations and expanded the Public Assemblies at the central squares as also at the neighborhood assemblies (more than 20 neighborhood assemblies are taking place per week in most of Athens areas). According to gallops 2.500.000 people participate in the Social Struggle this summer in Greece, autonomous from any kind of political party, official syndicate, NGO or leftist organization. Is this enough? Of course NOT,…but it’s a good starting point…SO,…Let’s see if we can have this all over this planet…                                                                                                                              
THE FAILURE OF CAPITALISM & REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY IN GREECE IS A GREAT PROOF FOR THE FAILURE OF “BOURGEOISIE STATE” AND “ NEO-LIBERAL MARKET” TO ALL THE PLANET… This why the Global Economic and Political Authorities afraid the riots in Greece! That’s why they are important for all of us oppressed people, WHEREVER WE ARE, WHATEVER WE ARE…

4.  DON’T HAVE GREAT EXPECTATIONS SO TO DO NOT GET EASY DISSAPOINTED… The efforts we have to do all of us on counter-information and riots and social work is vast. Let’s try to be humble and work hard with all our commitment to the political struggle.  The people in Greece just show the political maturity to fight before their lives collapse. They started fighting against Crisis & Totalitarianism in December 2008 and continue a struggle of dignity and social revolt against neo-liberal capitalism and representative democracy. The politicians can not appear anymore in the public space without been attacked by every-day life people all over the country. The capitalists are hiding themselves behind security guards and overprotected areas…  Even though all these are taking place, we don’t have over expectations, we don’t believe that the revolution will happen automatically, we don’t expect capitalism to collapse in next months. Also, we know that:  EITHER THE REVOLUTION WILL HAPPEN IN ALL THE PLANET OR WILL NEVER HAPPEN. We cannot change Greece without change Europe; we cannot change Europe if we don’t change the entire planet. We cannot change the entire planet if we don’t change our social cultures, our mentality, our habits, the way we see life, our goals, our desires, our values, our dreams.
We will co-ordinate our struggles, we will try to weave the web of solidarity, we will expand inside the belly of the beast, we will conquer the Western lands and we will create social spaces for open / social / public dialogue. The change will come from the Public Assemblies in the Public Space (not from chatting, not from academics, not from the books). ALL POWER TO THE COMMUNES! FROM NOW ON, FRIENDSHIP WILL BE REVOLUTIONARY!  
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