“Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century”, a documentary by Metanoia Film collective

August 31, 2011


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Human resources: Social engineering in the 20th century

Documentary film exploring the rise of mechanistic philosphy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarhical systems. Topics covered include behaviorism, scientific management, work-place democracy, schooling, frustration-aggression hypothesis and human experimentation.




Scott Noble




Blogger Evan Long wrote about the film : Metanoia’s Human Resources,” a follow-up to “Psywar,” concerns those social systems currently in effect which tend to induce a transformation in the free-born, natural human beings who enter them into spiritually broken worker-consumer drones and the behaviorist psychological theories which contributed directly to their development. (Contrary to widespread misconception, the corporate jargon term in question, “human resources,” does not refer to “resources for humans” but rather, “those resources which are human.”) As the gears of this terrible machine turn, a certain type of “progress” is made, one which leads directly toward the total enslavement of mankind. “Human Resources” is a fairly direct confrontation of the non-recognition of the intrinsic value of life which lies at the heart of psychopathy. 

 For more info about Metanoia creative film collective: http://metanoia-films.org/index.php

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