Leave your myth in Greece (a peculiar junta)

February 8, 2013
After June’s 2012 elections, a three-party coalition between the two former big corrupted governmental parties (neo liberal right wing “New Democracy” and neo liberal ex-social democrats PA.SO.K.) and a third social-democratic puppet (reformist left DIM.AR) has led the country into a peculiar coup regime with constitutional facade.

Although elected by the people the three together marginally pass 48% of total voters and also each one of them pledged not to participate in such a coalition, prior the elections.

After forming the government, many laws and constitutional rights have been infringed, let alone their promises to stop the austere measures promoted since 2010 by the EU and IMF leading to a recession worse than World War II and at least 3500 suicides .With the majority of the legislative body in their hands and with the judiciary being on their side long before this situation arised, there is little for the people to do on legal level.

On top of these, a huge infiltration of neonazi supporters inside police force and a far right agenda promoted by the leading party of  New Democracy and prime minister Antonis Samaras himself  has led in almost everyday violations on human rights, some of them going public on foreign media.This is only a cluster of what is really going on in Greece since last summer. Amongst them complaints of international organizations (such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch) which Greek government chooses to put in the drawer.

Please use these detailed reports as also investigate yourself  in the news and alternative media to inform the society around you about the social conditions in Greece now. Please forward this message.

Detailed examples of reports about the arising of totalitarianism in Greece:   
Altered mug shots spur probe into Grek police beatings | Reuters
Amnesty International Blasts Greece on Treatment of Asylum Seekers – SPIEGEL ONLINE
As Golden Dawn Rises in Greece, Anti-Immigrant Violence Follows – NYTimes.com
Athens anti-fascist motorcades: “Until the police protect immigrants, we’ll do it ourselves” | The Observers
BBC News – Alarm at Greek police ‘collusion’ with far-right Golden Dawn
BBC News – Are Greek police ‘colluding’ with far-right Golden Dawn?
BBC News – Greece probes police ‘beatings’ as altered mug shots emerge
BBC News – Greek government urged to probe police abuse claims
BBC News – Greek police accused over racism and asylum rights
BBC News – The tourists held by Greek police as illegal migrants
Bill Frezza: Greece: How Long Until Junta?
Europe’s New Fascists – NYTimes.com
Fragkiska Megaloudi: Gay People Living in Fear in Greece
Foto-Fälschung : Griechische Polizei vertuscht Folter von Bankräubern – Nachrichten Politik – Ausland – DIE WELT
Golden Dawn has infiltrated Greek police, claims officer | World news | guardian.co.uk 
Greece flirts with tyranny and Europe looks away | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer
Greece scraps police protection for far-right lawmakers | Reuters
Greece, in 2012: fascists beating up people while the police look on | Yiannis Baboulias | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Greek anti-fascist protesters ‘tortured by police’ after Golden Dawn clash | World news | guardian.co.uk
Greek police accused of using protester as human shield | World news | guardian.co.uk
Greek police beat Korean tourist, stonewall investigation | Asia News – Politics, Media, Education | Asian Correspondent
Greek police beat up another ‘illegal immigrant’ who’s actually a tourist  
Griechenlands Schande – NZZ.ch, 19.10.2012
High police support for Greece’s Golden Dawn – Al Jazeera Blogs
Kiwi says he was kidnapped, beaten by Greek police – National – NZ Herald News
La Policía griega manipuló fotografías de detenidos para disimular sus heridas – Público.es
Laurie Penny: It’s not rhetoric to draw parallels with Nazism – Commentators – Voices – The Independent 
Los neonazis griegos asumen el trabajo de la Policía >> Crónica Negra >> Blogs Internacional EL PAÍS
Página/12 :: El mundo :: La policía maquilló los golpes
Selective zero-tolerance: is Greece really a democracy anymore? 

Please inform your fellow people about what is REALLY happening in Greece and DO WHATEVER as to pass a message to the Greek government and domestic capital, that such conditions are not approved by people of the world.

Read the whole report of Amnesty International about Police Violence in Greece here:
Police Violence in Greece:Not just “isolated incidents”


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