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Anarchists Fill Services Void Left by Faltering Greek Governance- article in New York Times by NIKI KITSANTONIS Αφιέρωμα των New York Times στους αναρχικούς της Ελλάδας!

Text: Ελληνικά / English. It may seem paradoxical, but Greece ’s anarchists are organizing like never before. Seven years of austerity policies and a more recent refugee crisis have left the government with fewer and fewer resources, offering citizens less and less. Many have lost faith. Some who never had faith in the first place are taking matters into their own hands, to the chagrin of the authorities. Tasos Sagris,… …


S.O.S Greek coastline is destroyed by private interests and Greek government. The paradigm of the destruction of Spain’s coastline / Η Καταστροφή της Ισπανικής ακτογραμμής παράδειγμα για το μέλλον των Ελληνικών ακτών!

As the far-right government in Greece is preparing a new law that allows the destruction of Greek coast-line by private interests and all kinds of capitalist’s investments we publish here a serial of photos from Spain where anyone can see clear the destructive effects of capitalistic development in Mediterranean environment. We are asking all people of Europe to fight for the defense of Greek coast-line and the paradesiac Greek beaches… …


“Down and Out in Athens” Documenting the unemployed and homeless in Greece / a photo journal by Yannis Behrakis

Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis, based in Athens, spent several weeks documenting the unemployed and homeless in Greece as the continued economic downturn has impacted the numbers of homeless. Since the debt crisis erupted in 2009, hundreds of thousands of Greeks have lost their jobs — the unemployment rate in the country reached 26.8 percent, as the economy contracted by another 5.6 percent in the first quarter of 2013, and even… …


Slavoj Žižek: “Trouble in Paradise” On the protests in Turkey and Greece

In his early writings, Marx described the German situation as one in which the only answer to particular problems was the universal solution: global revolution. This is a succinct expression of the difference between a reformist and a revolutionary period: in a reformist period, global revolution remains a dream which, if it does anything, merely lends weight to attempts to change things locally; in a revolutionary period, it becomes clear… …


Leave your myth in Greece (a peculiar junta)

After June’s 2012 elections, a three-party coalition between the two former big corrupted governmental parties (neo liberal right wing “New Democracy” and neo liberal ex-social democrats PA.SO.K.) and a third social-democratic puppet (reformist left DIM.AR) has led the country into a peculiar coup regime with constitutional facade. Although elected by the people the three together marginally pass 48% of total voters and also each one of them pledged not to… …


“Sustainable Prosperity: A Greek Perspective II” by Michalis Theodoropoulos

In Worldwatch Institute Europe’s second article examining the current situation in Greece we explore the particularities behind the current social situation, the ongoing changes taking place within Greek society and the notion of sustainable prosperity as viewed from a Greek standpoint.Worldwatch researcher Eirini Glyki [ ] interviews Michalis Theodoropoulos [ ], European Parliament assistant for the Greek Green Ecologists and responsible for environmental, food safety and health issues:… …

Global movement

“Greece: the European version of shock doctrine. The dawn of a new obscure era” by Kostas Svolis

All austerity measures forced on Greek people since 2010 constitute a small hors d’oeuvre in relation to the upcoming tsunami of social poverty and squalor that will be served to them as the main course by the capital and the Greek government, the IMF and EU directorate. The percentage of “official” unemployment has surpassed 16%, while the real one is estimated to be more than 20%. The situation is really… …

Global movement

“Exhaustion and Senile Utopia of the Coming European Insurrection” by Franco Berardi Bifo

Figures such as Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida, among many others, have stressed in the past that we need to create institutions for unified political decisions at the level of the European Union. In the aftermath of the Greek debt crisis, it seems that the Europhile intellectuals have gotten what they asked for. The EU entity has been subjected to a sort of political directorate that has unfortunately only served… …

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“Democracy: There’s no escape.” by Greek political group “Agents of Chaos”

                                Democracy There’s no escape. The big pricks are out. They’ll fuck everything in sight. Watch your back.   Harold Pinter (He already said it on February 2003)   At the historical point we are now in, the contradiction of capital is increasingly clear worldwide. Proletarians around the world are in turmoil as the reproduction… …

Global movement

Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia: the “New Austerity” Road By MICHAEL HUDSON

            Void Mirror publish an article written some days before the G20 Summit in Toronto originaly published at the influential political magazine CounterPunch : EU Today, US Tomorrow Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia:  the “New Austerity” Road By MICHAEL HUDSON  Europe is committing fiscal suicide – and will have little trouble finding allies at this weekend’s G-20 meetings in Toronto. Despite the deepening Great Recession threatening… …

Global movement

Understanding the Economic Crisis in Greece // Three videos

Many people on this planet wonder about the economic crisis in Greece and the fight of the Greek society against the theft of their future from golden boys, multinational corporations, banks and governements. Greek society is in a moment of a fragile levitation. In one side are all the fears, the limitations and the illusion of our past. In the other side is the life that we always dreamed to… …

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