HOMAGE TO HUMANITY – amazing photos from unknown tribes by Jimmy Nelson

November 23, 2018

Check out these beautiful photos of remote tribes and village clans from all over the world, documented by photographer Jimmy Nelson.

Jimmy Nelson has traveled to the world’s most hidden corners to photograph indigenous peoples. In 2013 he published his first book ‘Before They Pass Away’, with which his lifelong dream, to create awareness about the world’s unimaginable diversity, became reality.

We love how he combines these majestic landscapes with their proud native-dwellers into an unworldly editorial-like storytelling campaign. We will share his incredible portraits soon as well!

*Photo captions taken from https://jimmynelson.com/



Mask dancers, Paro, Bhutan, 2016

Ganges, Haridwar, India

Himba, Epupa falls, Namibia, 2014

Huli Wigmen, Ambua Falls, Tari Valley Papua New Guinea, 2010

Korcho Village, Omo valley Ethiopia, 2011

Likekaipia Tribe Ponowi Village, Jalibu Mountains, Western highlands Papua New Guinea, 2010

Miao Village, Liu Pan Shui, Gui zhou, China, 2016

Mount Bosavi waterfall, Papua New Guinea, 2017

Ndoto Mountain Range Kenya, 2010

NI Vanuatu Men Rah Lava Island, Torba Province Vanuatu Islands, 2011

Paro Pass, Bhutan, 2016

Perak women, Thikse Monastery, Ladakh India, 2012

Samburu tribe, Kenya

Tangge Village, Upper Mustang Nepal, 2011

Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania 2010

Te Aroha Mikaka & Sky Bay of Islands, Haruru falls, North Island New Zealand, 2011

Uramana clan, Amuioan, Tufi, Papua New Guinea, 2017

Vaioa River, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, 2016

Yang Shuo Cormorants, China, 2005




all photos by Jimmy Nelson https://jimmynelson.com/


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