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US Corporations a Driving Force Behind ‘Unprecedented Wave’ of Global Land Privatization: Report

“Unfettered capitalism has brought us to this disaster. We must halt and reverse the privatization of the commons to protect and nurture these natural resources for future generations.” by Julia Conley, staff writer A study released Tuesday by the Oakland Institute details an “unprecedented wave of privatization of natural resources that is underway around the world”—one that is largely being driven by the United States and its allies. According to the progressive think tank’s report (pdf),… …

Global movement

Indigenous Anarchist Convergence 16-18/8/2019 – Flagstaff USA

Indigenous Anarchist Convergence Bookfair, discussions, workshops, & more. August 16-18, 2019 Táala Hooghan Infoshop Kinlani, Occupied Flagstaff, AZ Registration & more info: Schedule & workshop/discussion descriptions: We welcome Indigenous, Black, People of Color for this gathering. From the base of Dóókoosłiid we call for those also seeking a fulfilling life free from domination, coercion, & exploitation to gather around this fire. For those sickened by fascinations with dead… …

Global movement

West Papua: The genocide continues

The word genocide is simple enough to understand, whether in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Bosnia, Palestine, Pol Pot’s Cambodia or in West Papua. The stories and intent are the same, a policy to annihilate the people considered the enemy of those in authority. Describing the horrifying methods used in these countries to eliminate people by state-sponsored activity is mind-boggling. The genocidal activities of the colonial government of Indonesia against the people… …

Global movement

The Longest Walk: We Shall Continue 2019 / American Indian- Indigenous Peoples and Nations in action

The Longest Walk: We Shall Continue Media Release February 5th, 2019   The Longest Walk: We Shall Continue has been initiated to address the major threats to American Indian and Indigenous Peoples and Nations. This is a spiritual Walk for all Indigenous Peoples and our allies. In 1978, The Longest Walk came about as a way to confront eleven (11) anti-Indian bills in Congress. This included a bill that proposed… …

Global movement

The uncontacted tribes of Brazil face genocide under Jair Bolsonaro – by Fiona Watson

Brazil’s indigenous peoples, already targeted by loggers, face a powerful foe in the new president. We must protect them!   Οn 1 January, Jair Bolsonaro will be sworn in as Brazil’s 38th president. He has expressed open disdain for the indigenous peoples of Brazil, and it is no exaggeration to say that some of the world’s most unique and diverse tribes are facing annihilation. Genocide is defined by the UN as “the intent to destroy,… …

Global movement


L’eau Est La Vie camp is a floating pipeline resistance camp. Although we have no leaders, we value the voices of our indigenous, black, femme, and two spirit organizers. We fight in the bayous of Louisiana, Chata Houma Chittimacha Atakapaw territory, to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, an Energy Transfer Partners project and the tail end of the Dakota Access Pipeline. BBP resistance is a continuation of our fight in… …

Global movement

HOMAGE TO HUMANITY – amazing photos from unknown tribes by Jimmy Nelson

Check out these beautiful photos of remote tribes and village clans from all over the world, documented by photographer Jimmy Nelson. Jimmy Nelson has traveled to the world’s most hidden corners to photograph indigenous peoples. In 2013 he published his first book ‘Before They Pass Away’, with which his lifelong dream, to create awareness about the world’s unimaginable diversity, became reality. We love how he combines these majestic landscapes with their… …


Occupy Nigeria!: Moments of Insurrection from Revolted Nigeria

short introduction by “Moment of Insurrection” group: Nigeria is known to many antagonists for the on-going indigenous insurgency against ecological destruction. Over the last week the country has ruptured into massive upheavals triggered by the states removal of fuel subsidy. Given that Nigeria is exploited for a massive quantity of the worlds oil supply, and that the state is recognized for little more then the fuel subsidy- the initial strikes… …


“Anarcha-Indigenism”, an edited excerpt of a conference paper presented by Richard J.F. Day

Short Description: (The following is an edited excerpt of a conference paper presented by Richard J.F. Day) Anarcha-Indigenism is an emerging body of academic and activist theory and practice that works across and in between traditions of anarchist and indigenous political theory. The anarcha (as opposed to anarcho) part of the term refers to affinities with both Western and indigenous feminisms. If anarcha-indigenism ‘is’ anything, then, it is a meeting… …

Global movement

Riot, Si Se Puede by Lilprole / Complete Report from the people’s struggles in Arizona U.S.A.

  Riot, Si Se Puede! [by lilprole] by lilprole Special to Phoenix Class War Council “[When] we permit the police, Klan and Nazis to terrorize whatever sector of the population they wish without repaying them back in kind. In short, by not engaging in mass organizing and delivering war to the oppressors, we become anarchists in name only.” -Kuwasi Balagoon Canisters are hurled into the sky, exploding into smoke as… …

Global movement

Cultural Survival Organization // for more than 40 years defending the indigenous people

For nearly 40 years the organization Cultural Survival has partnered with Indigenous Peoples around the world to help them defend their lands, languages, and cultures. They publicize their issues through their award-winning publications, they mount letter-writing campaigns and other advocacy efforts to stop abuses of their rights, and they work on the ground in Indigenous communities, always at their invitation. Their board of directors includes some of the world’s preeminent Indigenous leaders,… …

Global movement

Survival – The International Movement for Tribal Peoples

What is Survival? Survival is the only international organization supporting tribal peoples worldwide. We were founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK’s Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist oppression of Brazil’s Indians took place in the name of ‘economic growth’.Today, Survival has supporters in 82 countries. We work for tribal peoples’… …

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