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ambientracedelica Strefis Hill Friday 29 September 2006

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Keno Diktuo
VOID NETWORK (Theory,Outopia,Synesthesia,Ephemeral Arts) AMBIENTRANCEDELICA electro acid psychedelic trance Friday 29 September 2006 LOFOS TOU STREFI (Strefis urban Hill) from 22.00 until the morning Support by NATURAL HIGH Crew
Line up: >>MIND WARPED Live P.A. (Soular Recs,USA/ California) >>Iralkis Mindphaser >>Crystal Zero >>d.j.Nikitas >>Trifon Nats
Lofos tou Strefi >> Strefis Hill>>This is an urban hill overlooking Athens, full of trees, with an ampitheatre that is open for all to express their ideas and art. For more than 25 years this hill has been one of Athens’s Autonomous Zones defended with much effort by anarchists, romantics and utopian libertarians as an Open Public Space, as a moment and space for our reclaimed life This party is dedicated to those thousands that defended this hill all those years.

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