Void Network( Keno Diktuo) proudly presents in Athens : Man With No Name Live Free Concert in Polutexnioupoli University Campus Sat.7oct.2006

September 16, 2006

Void Network (Theory, Outopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts)
Keno Diktuo proudly presents :
MAN WITH NO NAME Live Free Concert in Athens

POLUTEXNIOUPOLI Saturday 7 October 2006
entrance from Katexaki rd.
starts 10.30 p.m.
Two stages high quality event/ squated open air valley of university campus / cultural activism/
free entrance for the benefit of Underground Resistance

Stage1 :
Stavros Svmix
Iraklis Mindphaser
Dimitris Nats

special support by Natural High Collective

Stage2/Psychedelic Ambient,Electro Dub, Roots Reggae Dub :
Crystal Zero
Lady Sissy Stardust
Booshman Tribe
d.j. Nikitas
d.j. Nesko
Mista Operator

The World that is alive in our Dreams is much more Real than the “real” World
Fight for the Liberation of All Beings from Ignorance, Suffering and Exploitation

homepage : www.voidnetworksociety.org
blog for news about the events and specials: http://voidnetwork.blogspot.com
contact : voidinternational@gmail.com

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