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Void Network HISTORY- 2/6/2006 Athens Central Park Pedion Areos- Inner Space Art Poetry festival

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ambient space dub waves
open public autonomous ephemeral zone/ inner space art/ poetry night

Friday 2 June 2006
Pedion Areos / Athens Central Park

Live Concert:
Suku, Direct Connection, Paragga Sound System

D.J. sets:
Anna Mystic, Crystal Zero, Sissy Stardust, Raman

Live Poetry Show:
Tasos Sagris, Yiannis Raouzaios

Live Poetry Soundtrack mix:

Void Optical Art Laboratory (video art, computer arts, slide photograpghy):
Global Eye(London Void Network), Yiannis Nisidis, Pantelis Pantelopoulos, Kinomatik, Vasilis Glarakis, Georgia Sagri, Fani Sofologi, Mariza Nikolaou, Tasos Sagris

It was a multi media open air ephemeral alive instalation, a park transformed into a poetical, cinematgrafic space…Poetry readings, live d.j. mix, concerts, many void optical artists and 400 people, all night long, summer in Greece and the central park of Athens squated by the people….It was a wonderfull inspirational night and a realy space out morning…

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