Void Reading Group Nights /Void Network and www.crimethinc.com presents the book “Days of Love Nights of War” in Athens Greece

November 7, 2006

As a part of our Void Reading Group Nights we present
in Nosotros (Free Social Space) in Wednesday 8 November 2006 the first two chapters of the wonderful book “Days of War Nights of Love” translated by Anastasios Sagris and Laboratory for Kosmo-Political Consciousness.
The book “Days of War, Nights of Love” made by “crimethink ex-workers collective” as a tool for the arising of critical mind and as a personal question for our way of life in the 21st century western lands.

Chapter 1: What is the Crimethink Ex-Workers Collective?
Chapter 2: No Gods, No Masters

The reading will take place in a multi media optic-acoustic environment with the Void Optical Arts Laboratory taking care of the projections and D.J. Sissy Stardust making a live psychedelic ambient mix on the voices of the readers.
This is the first situation that we organize together with our favourite spiritual friends from U.S.A.

Void Reading Group Nights
Days Of War, Nights of Love
Wednesday 8 November 2006
Starts 8.30 in the night

Nosotros (Free Social Space)
Themistokleous 66 Exarchia

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photo of the post by Vaggelis Doutsios (Void Optical Arts Laboratory)

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