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March 5, 2007

It was a wonderful night…More than 300 people appeared for the lecture of John Holloway in Athens / Nosotros Free Social Space in Friday 2 March 2007
Anastasios Sagris made a long introduction to the work of the economist, philosopher and political scientist John Holloway mentioning all the reasons that we feel John as a spiritual friend of us and also he read some fragments from the book “Change the World Without taking the Power” and the article “The Rebelion of Dignity” from the special issue of the Greek magazine “Outopia” about the movements of Latin America.
John Holloway, with the help of his daughter Anna Holloway in the translation he spoke for more than one and a half hour. He spoke about the “crack” in capitalism that comes in any moment of personal and collective “No!” to the life that the market and the governments prepares for us, any “No!” that turns to use the negation as a power of creativity, to use the fantasy as a way of finding new solutions, our own solutions…He spoke about “Dignity” the force of revolution of the ordinary people, he spoke about Zapatista as ordinary people and about ordinary people as revolutionaries, he spoke about the rave culture and the sharing of love and enthusiasm as “cracks” and he made the question: “…and then when the party finish, when everybody going home again…when Monday comes? What we will do?…Is it a blue Monday ? Your work in the business company is complicity…Your lost time, your lost life is complicity to the destruction of humanity and nature…In all the metropolitan cities we must firstly liberate the “Time”…Our Time! What you going to do this next Monday? Is it a blue Monday or a Rainbow Monday for you?”
For more than one hour after his lecture he gave answers to many questions of Autonomists, Left Anarchists, Communists, Void Network people and young visionaries…It was a great opportunity for all of us to clear out many delusions of all this political ideologies and try all together to find out a way to walk in the darkness of the modern life and searching for the star of revolution in any moment inside us and around us, with a smile or with a scream.
In the next day after the lecture we started to prepare the next lecture of John Holloway in Athens in next year…There are also some talks of the Void Optical Art Laboratories with John Holloway to take care of the projections and the atmosphere in his lecture in 4 June 2007 in Germany (anti-G8) about the “cracks”… (Let’s see if this will come true…)

Thanks to all the people that came in Nosotros Free Social Space, thanks to Void Optical Arts Laboratory for the great Void Art Show, thanks to Anna Holloway for all the great help to the creation of this wonderful night and thanks to John Holloway for his great spiritual and intellectual work….

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