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17&18 March 2007/ One Small Step for Man-One Giant Leap for Nature…>>>Celtic Heritage Trust+Global Eye (London Void Network)+Datablender in London

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“We provide a catalyst for networking and better communications at all levels.
With your help we can make some headway in halting or even reverse some of the harmful effects that man has put upon the ecosystems of our planet: Our driving initiative aimsat re-establishing our natural links to nature (that have being eroded by unfettered economic development).Positive energy + positive purpose = life = existence+ culture + human kind . .
it is easy – one smal lstep daily
think about it – it has purpose- please have purpose
Global Eye (London Void Network)
-RespeKT those people united –

One Small Step for man – One Giant Leap for Nature
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March 2007
135 Grosvenor rd. Pilmico
doors open at 22.00

Jeff Amadeus – Squat records
Darc Marc – Pure Noise/Cluster
Sebastien Marx (Live PA) –
3Phaze (Live PA) – Generator records
T.T (Live PA) – Techno in the City/Malfaiteurs
Pat Hurley – Open Source
Keltia-aka Bambi – F8 Republic
Product19 – Stay up forever
Maxx -Polymeric records
Hard Bart – On-Set
Ross Adams – District six
DJ Staw – Malfaiteurs/Techno in the City
attichouse – electronica – dub chill
Void Art / space visuals by Global Eye and Void Optical Arts Laboratory
F8 Republic protest soundsystema

St Patrick’s charitable event £5
all proceeds going to the Celtic HeritageTrust

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