Theory. Utopia. Empathy. Ephemeral arts – EST. 1990 – ATHENS LONDON NEW YORK

Europe- AGAINST G8- TOTAL FREEDOM World tour

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Friends are coming from different sides of the planet to meet in Germany…
Activists and artists, poets, lovers, hippy freaks, punks and ravers…people from all cultural backrounds are commited to fight against global capitalism in the days that we can have the best opportunity (when the “great” leaders of global capitalism are gathered).
People from Void Network, Crimethink Ex-Workers, people from Global Eye and Natural High came from England, U.S.A. and Greece…
The people from Rote Flora and Artcore collective give us all the help that we need and it is amazing when you make new friends that walk in the same way for so many years.
We are hear to find a better way to live, a better way to be together, to make a better life for ourselves and for the generations to come…
The traveling was great and we arrived all safely in Hamburg!

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