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Total Freedom World Tour

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CROSSING BRIDGES International Festival / Frankfurt / 31.10.2015

            Sa. 31.10.2015 CROSSING BRIDGES 2015 *  Party and Politics, Participation,  Intercultural Exchange, Art and Culture Zentrum Klapperfeld,  Klapperfeldstraße 5,  Frankfurt am Main Program: 14:00:  ReCreate Public Space * Open Street Action, Subversive Sounds and Flashmob Meeting point: Klapperfeld – Participate 😉 – 16:15: Temper and movement of an activist Interactive Body Movement Workshop with Dada Vecerin 17:00: Social Revolt and Radical Movements in Greece Now!… …

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OΠΛΙΣΜΕΝΕΣ ΛΕΞΕΙΣ [Ενάντια Στον Φασισμό] ΣΑΒΒ. 22.3.2014 ΠΑΤΡΑ // ARMED WORDS [Against Fascism] Sat.22.3 Patras Greece

2L8 live Κενό Δίκτυο OΠΛΙΣΜΕΝΕΣ ΛΕΞΕΙΣ [Ενάντια Στον Φασισμό]  ΣΑΒΒ. 22.3.2014  ΠΑΤΡΑ LIVE CONCERT | POETRY ACTION | MULTI MEDIA SHOW | CINEMA ΕΝΑΡΞΗ 21.00 Ανοιχτή συζήτηση: Κουλτούρες της νύχτας & εξέγερση Τέχνη & επανάσταση + “Σύγχρονη δουλεία” προβολή σύγχρονης καταστασιακής ταινίας + Oπλισμένες ΛέξειςMulti Media Δράση Ποίησης: Γιάννης ΡαουζαίοςΣίσσυ ΔουτσίουΔορίαιχμοςΤάσος Σαγρής   + 2L8Live παρουσίασητου L.P. “Η κλωστή”  all night visual arts multi media:Void Optical Arts Laboratory  από το Κενό Δίκτυο στο Κοινωνικό Κέντρο ΠάτραςΡ.Φεραίου 167 & Τσαμαδού ΛΥΣΣΑΣΜΕΝΟΙ ΓΙΑ ΖΩΗΕΡΩΤΑΙΣΤΟΤΗΤΑ& ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ …

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INTERNATIONAL Solidarity to the struggle of Turkish people against Global Totalitarianism!

Turkish state has started a war against the people. Many people are dead. >>> VOID NETWORK EXPRESSES SOLIDARITY FOR THE PEOPLE IN TURKEY AND THEIR STRUGGLE. THE INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE AGAINST GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM CONTINUES! WE SHALL OVERCOME! >>> WE INVITE OUR FRIENDS AT SYNTAGMA SQ. ATHENS GREECE Saturday 1st JUNE 2013 at 18.00 Solidarity for Turkish people demo >>>> for more info about the struggle in Turkey:  …

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Total Freedom World Tour 2013: ZURICH-SWITZERLAND / LOCH Occupied Social Center: Fr. 5 / Sat. 6 / Sun 7

TOTAL FREEDOM WORLD TOUR 2013                                                         We Will Not Live Like Slaves! 3 Day International Experimental Art Festival //Anarcho-Symposium                            → a political encounter between philosophy & art 5-6-7 APRIL 2013LOCH Culture Squat104, Letzigraben Zurich Switzerland FRIDAY 5/4 18.00 – 22.00  CRISES & SOCIAL REVOLT  IN GREECE NOW! An Open Public Dialogue with Tasos Sagris (VOID NETWORK) co- editor of the   “We Are an Image From the Future” (The Greek Revolt of… …

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