UTOPIAN ATMOSPHERES [short mix trailer edition] created by VOID OTICAL ART LABORATORY

September 6, 2008

(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)

(short mix trailer edition)

UTOPIAN ATMOSPHERES is a 22 minutes Void Art short Erxeperimental Film created by Void Optical Art Laboratory in Mexico during August 2008 and prepared for youtube in a limited 1024 MB edition in 3 different parts.
Consisting flash backs of psychedelic experiences and collective Joy, the beauty of Planet Earth, the vision of Love, Spiritual Revolution, Friendship and Ecstatic Life the film UTOPIAN ATMOSPHERES takes you in a long trip of poetry, electronic psychedelic ambient and space rock.

Directed by Void Optical Art Laboratory
Void Network Laboratory
for Kosmo-Political Consciousness
Carbon Based Lifeforms, Pink Floyd, Etnica, Man With No Name, Enterpise

This specific “short mix trailer edition” is based on images from the completed film and features the wonderful Pink Floyd anthem Astronomy Domine written by Syd Barret
The short mix trailer edition, as also the completed film, is trying to offer visibility to the uncut silver magical string that connects the 60s psychedelia with the acid trance psychedelic rave scene, the Nimbin alternative lifestyle village in Australia (that where basic images of the film comes from), the trance festivals, the ecovillages, the Rainbow Gatherings, the illegal raves and all the drop-out neo-hippies travelers of the world. This film is dedicated to them.

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