Theory. Utopia. Empathy. Ephemeral arts – EST. 1990 – ATHENS LONDON NEW YORK


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Void Network people travelling at the Pacific Ocean, at the paradise beach of Oaxaca Mazunte and Zipolite…We made a lot of conversations by the seaside and it was really creative….We recorded one ¨Void Network Assembly Panamerican¨ talking about Social Anarchism, Freedom of Consciousness and the creative paradigm of Autonomous Social Centers that soon will published on this blog…We talked also about the preparations of Total Freedom Festivals in Mexico capital city in November as also a new tour in Mexico during December-January. We start making all contacts through internet cafes in the Ocean bay…We had also an amazing experience in Ventanillia, a lagoon with crocodiles….It is alive Utopia here…Paradise beach, beatifull polite and happy people, the sea, the moon, the nature…and all the good friends sharing some of the best days of their lives…FROM NOW ON FRIENDSHIP WILL BE REVOLUTIONARY…

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