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NIGHTS of MYSTERIES- 2 days Celebration: Fr.21/12 Cinema day – Sat.22/12 PsyTrance Experience at EMBROS

ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟ / Void Network presents NIGHTS OF MYSTERIES  Fr. 21/12 & Sat. 22/12/2018 2 days psychedelic art festival Ελεύθερο Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ Free Self-Organized Theater EMBROS Riga Palamidi 2 – Psiris   FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER 2018 Mind Expanding Cinema Night Starts at 20.00 5 Short Experimental Psychedelic Films 1. Chas Wyndham, Airborn, 1968; 3 min. The soundtrack is instrumental psychedelic rock. 2. Jerry Abrams, Eyetoon, 1968; 8 min. The soundtrack… …

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Nights οf Mysteries 28-29/12-2 days psychedelic art festival FREE Theater EMBROS

ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟ Nights of Mysteries 2 days psychedelic art festival THURSDAY 28- FRIDAY 29 DECEMBER 2017 at self organised free theater EMBROS Riga Palamidi 2 – Psiris- Athens first day THUR. 28/12/2017 mind expanding cinema STARTS 20.00 THE TRIP Σκηνοθεσία Roger Corman, σενάριο Jack Nicholson 1967 Εμβληματική ταινία της ψυχεδελικλης σκηνής της δεκαετίας του 60. Αφού η γυναίκα του τον εγκαταλείψει, ένας απογοητευμένος σκηνοθέτης βουτά στην πρώτη του εμπειρία… …

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UTOPIAN ATMOSPHERES [short mix trailer edition] created by VOID OTICAL ART LABORATORY

VOID NETWORK(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)http://voidnetwork.blogspot.compresents UTOPIAN ATMOSPHERES(short mix trailer edition) UTOPIAN ATMOSPHERES is a 22 minutes Void Art short Erxeperimental Film created by Void Optical Art Laboratory in Mexico during August 2008 and prepared for youtube in a limited 1024 MB edition in 3 different parts.Consisting flash backs of psychedelic experiences and collective Joy, the beauty of Planet Earth, the vision of Love, Spiritual Revolution, Friendship and Ecstatic Life the film UTOPIAN… …

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