April 4, 2009

this man killed in the streets of London
by U.K. riot police

This message is dedicated with sincere and carefull feelings to all wonderfull people that participated in the demos and actions against the G20 during first days of April 2009 in London, from any political or social context they come from…We express our non-dogmatic solidarity to all of them, to all the people got injured by the police, as also to all political prisoners of this world…We express our rage for the assasination of Ian Tomlinson caused by U.K. riot police

All experiences, thoughts, visions and opinions expressed here by London Void Network is directed to the expanding of power and analysis and not to cause harm or defeatism…The situations in the streets of London maybe were more than an enthousiastic message to all people of Western world that even in the most zombie, totalitarian, under massive high quality designed control, modern society of western lands, critical mind, love for life and passion for freedom can enforce thousands of people fight back the stupidity and the cynicism of the economical and political elites of this century…

Of course all these doesn’t mean that we have to allow our enthousiasm to overflow our ability to understand that there are very serious problems of strategy, mentality, political culture and confrontation methodology that we have to solve before going any further on the way to global liberation from Ignorance, Suffering and Exploitation
We saw the people realy not ready and not well prepared to face the psychological cynicism and the overflowing violence of the police in London during the Anti-G20 demos in the streets of London.
Still existing thousands of people carrying the inoccent dogma that we live in a democratic society and if we remain “non-violent”, police and the state will not express their brutality on us…and…unfortunately, this is a great mistake.

We saw the people staying and waiting as the police encircle
and oblige them to “remain calm” in specific potition refusing to them even
the “basic human right to walk”…riot police cordoned off the demonstration, corralling
large numbers of people into an increasing confined area before taking their names,
addresses and photographs, eventually releasing them one by one, and many times the police, as always in england for the last years, could gain the total control of the people
by just eye-contact, without the use of any physical power!.
All these were done under the obscure Section 60 of the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 (originally designed to prevent minor football disturbances), but is it possible to control many thousands of wild free-spirit human beings by this strategy?…was it the law and the police forces that enforced the pathetic stand of the people or is it just the passivity that becomes second skin on these people?.
We saw a movement after 10 years, or more, of passivity to face the brutality of the police
and even the assasination of a man during the protests in allmost “stoic” calmness and we can not understand if this is a strategy, if its masochism, or if its just the effect of “non-violence” religion…

We have to keep in mind that non-violent actions is a strategy, not a religion!
Of course we need millions and millions of non-violent creative social actions, that will take all kinds of cultural, social and political forms and will include all kinds of initiatives… but this is not an identity, it is a method of social action!

It seems that the “non-violence” strategy when it becomes religious belief
it tends to transform the mind of the people and turn them into submisive animals
without human critical mind and courage to fight back and at last tranform them into
victims with photocameras, making photos of wounded people with all their face in blood, making photos of people beaten up and arrested without any reason, making photos of people dying in the streets instead of help them escape, survive, find a way out, or fight back

How is possible this mentality help us escape from capitalism, how is possible this passivity help us to eliminate the royal family, the bourgouasie, the elit of economical and political power of this planet,how is possible like that to survive in the desert of real life,
how is possible all this passive, pathetic egocentricism make us find a way out all together, how is possible to fight back?…

How long the English people, the people of Europe, the people in USA can stay like that?…

We saw the police beating peacefull people and brake them psychologicaly just to make them never participate again in any public space political or collective social action!…and this works!…

If the reformists, the “ecologists”, the social forums, the leftists and many
clown style anarchist movements sells to all these people for so long now that
there is existing a “non-violent” religion that will bring salvation to these ones express complete obeying on this dogma, then the people start instead of trying find inside them the power to fight back to think that finding the power to fight back cause problems to the movement! The people start instead of encouraging and express solidarity to the people that keep the human mind and heart alive and they somehow take the risk to fight back, to feel them and their actions as a serious threat for their way of “salvation”…The people not only loose any possiblity to collectivily arise and destroy the police forces but they feel as threat any effort to defend against the police brutality…

When you charge the healthy social elements of negation and confrontation as anti-social paranormalities, when you think that the poor, the young, the unemployed have to stay calm, when you spread dirty roumors about the activists, the smashers, the rioters, and the crazy uncontrolable freak out humans and you call them as provocaters or as “not real commrades” or as secret policemen…When you produce an image of the English police as superior through fear that you feed when publishing more photos of policemen than photos of people even to uk indymedia or many other blogs and when you believe that you stay in a democratic society in a moment that the monstrous blood thristy zombie of Queen of England is probably still alive and the bankers, stock market managers and government members are planning the scientificaly prooved total destruction of life on planet earth just to save their profits and their authorities, well then,….how is it possible to expect to call yourself a Human and have the hope to save
the planet with all of us that we can not hold a pink balloon writing “end capitalism”
and standing smiling in a police cordon believing that we do something important???!!!

Are we gonna….end capitalism?…And are this happening through YOUR actions?
We can not answer this question for you…This you have to do it for yourself!

a person from london write in uk indymedia:
“As people were organising to leave the convergence space at mid day today police raided. 30-40 people attempted to protect the space by blockaiding the main doors.
We then congregated on the top floor and sat in a circle with our arms in the air
to show the police that we were not violent. However, the police met us with a taser gun,
full riot gear and proceeded to make us lie face down with our hands on the floor.
We believe two people were arrested, although we are unsure what they have been charged with. One has been taken to hospital following an injury. The rest were searched,
handcuffed and had names, DOB, addresses and photos taken.”

other person says:
“I think one of the guys arrested is being charged with suspicion of
violent disorder but not definet. Not sure about the other guy.


The scientists they said it clearly:
If the economical and political system remains the same, life in this side of the galaxy
will extinct in the next 150 years….DO YOU realy FEEL IT?

So, the most important environmental scientists ask for first time in human history
a political and economical revolution!

WOULD YOU JOIN the Revoltion or you expect that the Queen of England and the great “enlightened” people will save the planet, through our obeyment and with our personal help that means to switch off our lights in our houses and participating in “non-violent / decentralised direct clown army actions”
With how many other clowns together ? How much clowns we have to become to really save the Earth and Life on this planet ?

So, think about it,… the future seems we have ten years more to think about it, and as we
don’t have any final dogma or any ideological belief to offer you, unfortunately this time
you have to decide and build your own opinion about how this fight will happen

Just one thing…., please if you decide to join us
…PLEASE, DON’T BRING YOUR drum from your oldschool SAMBA rythmical resistance actions WITH YOU!…cause we have so less time for to save the planet that it will be hard for you to carry also your drum in the middle of this WARZONE!

this letter is dedicated to this poor man that lost his life in the streets of London
during anti-G20 demonstrations in April 1st 2009

the article published by Void Network

for more options and open understanding of what happened in London:

timeline for the April 1st Against G20 actions in the streets of London:

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