Tamera Peace Village: 15th International Summer University “Global Grace Village”

June 27, 2009

Tamera is a peace research village with the goal of becoming “a self-sufficient, sustainable and duplicatable communitarian model for nonviolent cooperation and cohabitation between humans, animals, nature, and Creation for a future of peace for all.”.

It is also often called a “healing biotope.”.Literally translated, “biotope” simply means a place where life lives.
In Tamera, however, “healing biotope” is also described as a “greenhouse of trust,” “an acupuncture point of peace,” and “a self-sufficient future community.”
It is located on 335 acres (1.36 km2) in the Alentejo region of southwestern Portugal.

for more info about life and projects of this
utopian community navigate in the site of Tamera

Void Network express all Love for Tamera visionary community and peacemakers eco village by accomodating today the Manifesto for a Free Earth

Manifesto for the Movement for a Free Earth

What we want is not to be normal but to be true.

What we want is not only to fight against the old system but to create a new system.

What we want is the full liberation of love and sexuality from fear.

What we want is to strengthen our will in the conscious decision to serve peace ? outside and inside.

We won’t be able to handle the challenges which we will face with only our own power. What we want is to cooperate with the greater forces of life.

What we want is to experience the original form of humans living together:


We want these words to become a reality by building concrete life models.
The world has come to a point where it is not enough anymore to point out the change that needs to happen… We must be that change.

To be this change we follow three guidelines in our daily life:


Mutual support

Responsible participation in the community and in the world

All of this will only succeed in the long term with a base of humanely functioning, grounded community.

We cannot realise the highest goals if we are not able to found functioning communities which can survive.

Ecological humanism needs new social structures.

A new culture arises by reconnecting with the eternal laws of love and community.

There are definately many ways to reach this goal but there is only one key to open the gate:

Rediscovering trust.

We dedicate our life to peace work.

The education of a peace worker includes education in love.

This is a high task with a high goal. But there cannot be peace

on earth as long as there is war in love.

May we,

the youth of all countries

step out of our pasts and enter into the possibility

of a new era of planetary thinking, planetary friendship and planetary joy.

May the young people from Toronto, Sydney,

Nairobi, from San Francisco and Kiev come together.

May we celebrate our new world community

in Colombia and with the Zapatistas in Mexico,

in Bethlehem and in Tamera. May we draw and

actualise the information and forces from the code of life

that will lead us to a future worth living on a wonderful planet.

We will do it, the

Movement for a Free Earth

is underway.

Movement for a Free Earth

Tamera / Portugal, May 2009

in this video also you can find a trailer video

for the

15th International Summer University “Global Grace Village

– Creating Models for a Future Without War” in Tamera

from 29th July until 7th August

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