A great thanks for all 5000 Indie Free Festival participators

October 16, 2009


We would like to thank all these 5000 people who came on Lofos Strefis to participate in Indie Free festival no. 19
We would like also to thank all these more than 80 artists offered their music, visuals and arts in the festival for free as also all cultural activists gave all their efforts to make it come true…
It was a very difficult day and night for all of us caused by the attack of police to all Exarchia area, an attack that proves that any change of government will not bring any change for our lives as also that we have a fight for our right to live, we have to give a serious and hard fight if we want to sustain Exarchia as an autonomous zone, as a zone free from mafia, drugs and police existance…
Love, Free Mind and the consciouss participation of everyone to the sustaining of a libertarian atmosphere made the Indie Free Festival no.19 happen and complete perfectly…
It was the last summer night, the last summer day and we were feeling great all together for one more time this year…
It was the end of a summer that found us in Legalize it, in Polytechnioupoli for Electro Free Festival no.10, 3 times on Strefis, in many small private parties on mountains and beaches, we met in the streets, in squares and highways, we met naked in free camping islands and in nudist beaches, we met in common dreams and psychedelic trips and demonstrations…
We hope we will find ways to meet again as soon as possible
Love and Chaos

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