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March 9, 2010

Priya Reddy// WarCry
Glass Bead Collective
Void Network / New York section
2 new videos about the
totalitarianism in U.S.A.
the social struggles and the student movement
in New York
March 4th 2010 

Student Rally 

Hunter College NYC. No Cuts!

Students are very upset about losing benefits 
and access to school while they face increasing 
tuition costs, & deteriorating education

March 3rd NYC MTA 

public hearing, 

police arrest citizens 

speaking out

On Wednesday, March 3rd 2010, the MTA held 
a public hearing to get input  from New York City 
residents about the proposed cuts to service. 
They have said they may eliminate free student 
and handicapped  people’s rides. The public came 
to express anger and frustration,  as well as propose 
alternative solutions to the budget crisis. 
The MTA chose not to listen and sent in police 
to silence critical voices. Arrests were made. 
Things are heating up.  
Today, March 4th, 
everyone will be in the streets. 
Make your voice heard!

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