Neo-Nazis and far-right protesters in Ukraine

January 23, 2014
Neo-Nazis and far-right protesters in Ukraine
The far-right in Ukraine are acting as 
the vanguard of a protest 
movement that is being reported 
as pro-democracy.
The situation on the ground 
is not as simple as pro-EU and trade 
versus pro-Putin and Russian hegemony 
in the region.

When US Senator John McCain dined with Ukraine’s 
opposition leaders in December, he shared 
a table and later a stage with the leader 
of the extreme far-right Svoboda party 
Oleh Tyahnybok.

This is Oleh Tyahnybok, he has claimed 
a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” rule Ukraine 
and that “Germans, Kikes and other scum” 
want to “take away our Ukrainian state.”

This is the party’s logo, it can be seen on 
flag throughout the crowds in Kiev every day. 
Svoboda is Ukraine’s fourth biggest 
party holding 36 seats out of 450 in parliament.
 They’re also part of the 
Alliance of European National Movements along 
with the BNP and Jobbik. 

This is their old logo, a Wolfsangel rune, 
a common symbol for European neo-Nazi 
organizations. It was also the symbol 
of the Patriots of Ukraine,
a paramilitary organisation that Svoboda 
went hand in hand with until 2004. 


A typical crowd shot of Kiev’s protests, 
Svoboda and their fellow travellers have been 
present throughout the protests.


Here we see a battalion of Patriots of Ukraine 
paramilitaries tooled up in the midst 
of the protests.


Pro-EU protesters took over the town hall, 
we learned from  international news reports 
in December, demanding the government resign. 
While it is a broad movement, 
mainly of the right, it’s hard to see 
a BNP or Golden Dawn led takeover 
of a town hall getting quite the same publicity. 


Here a white power flag takes pride of place 
centre stage, black  circle with a plus sign 
through it. You can always check the top 
of if you don’t buy it.


Here protesters clash with riot police, one 
carries a homemade  shield painted with 
a white power symbol and the numbers 
14 and 88. These numbers are common 
neo-Nazi slogans;
with 14 standing for David Lane’s slogan 
(We must secure the existence of our people 
and a future for White Children) and 88 
as code for HH, or Heil Hitler.

Patriots burn flags, while white power flags 
are flown throughout the crowd. 
In almost every action shot from these protests 
far-right symbols are clearly visible. 
National socialist group Wotan Jugend 
has described the experience they are gaining 
from the protests; “Leaderless resistance. 
What is happening now in Kiev – is a lesson, 
a lesson to all those who so eagerly watching 
national revolution taking place in Ukraine, 
blowing drool with envy at the keyboard.” 

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