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Global movement

Inside Bannon’s Plan to Hijack Europe for the Far-Right

LONDON—Steve Bannon plans to go toe-to-toe with George Soros and spark a right-wing revolution in Europe. Trump’s former White House chief advisor told The Daily Beast that he is setting up a foundation in Europe called The Movement which he hopes will lead a right-wing populist revolt across the continent starting with the European Parliament elections next spring. The non-profit will be a central source of polling, advice on messaging, data targeting, and… …


Terror’s Atomization of Man- LEO LOWENTHAL (1946)

There is a widely held opinion that the fascist terror was just an ephemeral episode in modern history, now happily behind us. That opinion I cannot share. I believe that it is deeply rooted in the trends of modem civilization, and especially in the pattern of modem economy. Indeed the reluctance to face squarely and explore fully the phenomena of terror and their implications is itself a lingering phenomenon of… …


Ukrainian anarchist dispels myths surrounding Euromaidan protests, warns of fascist influence

Asheville Fm radio, based in western North Carolina, aired a fascinating interview with an anarcho-syndicalist named Denys, from the Autonomous Worker’s Union in Ukraine. In the interview, Denys debunks many of the myths surrounding the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, and explains motives behind the stories and propaganda being circulated around the protests. Why is the Free Association Agreement with the EU (which would mostly benefit the ultra-rich oligarchs of Ukraine)… …

Global movement

Neo-Nazis and far-right protesters in Ukraine

The far-right in Ukraine are acting as  the vanguard of a protest  movement that is being reported  as pro-democracy. The situation on the ground  is not as simple as pro-EU and trade  versus pro-Putin and Russian hegemony  in the region. When US Senator John McCain dined with Ukraine’s  opposition leaders in December, he shared  a table and later a stage with the leader  of the extreme far-right Svoboda party  Oleh… …

Global movement

The life and death of Ivan Khutorskoy, Russian Antifascist murdered in November 2009

Void Network: Day after day the conditions of life and death in Russian society becomes worst. It is obvious for all internationalists and social aware people that the Russian State is the worst neo-fascist / neo-capitalist State of the planet for this moment. The totalitarian neo-fascist capitalist regime of president Vladimir Putin and his buiseness friend’s protecting neo-nazi gangs, feeding Russian fascism as their last weapon to supress the social… …

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