“We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008” – edited by A.G. Schwarz, Tasos Sagris, and Void Network

July 24, 2016

Questions about where insurrections come from, what role do anarchists play, to what extent is the State able to repress them, what obstacles prevent insurrections from maturing into revolutions, and in what ways do they change society when they stop short of total revolution?
The editors of this book hope to simultaneously document an important moment in the history of anarchist struggles, to present the Greek anarchist movement in a historical context, and to advance anarchist theory, strategy, and understanding of society, the state, and global revolution.

We Are an Image from the Future includes interviews with:
-Anarchists and antiauthoritarians from Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, and several villages and islands.
-Participants in the occupations of the Polytechnic University, and Athens School of Economics, the Athens Law University, the Genderal Confederation of Greek Workers, the office of the newspaper editors’ union, the Theater School in Thessaloniki, the National Opera Hall in Athens.
-Friends of Alexis Grigoropoulos and students of Exarchia high school.
-The Exarchia resident who filmed the murder of Alexis.
-The photojournalist fired for taking a picture of a cop drawing his gun a day after the murder of Alexis.
-A member of the antiauthoritarian base union of Konstantina Kuneva, a precarious immigrant worker brutally attacked in December for her syndicalist activities.
-Students, leftists, nonaffiliated people, conservative family members of anarchists, and random people in the street.
-A refugee organizing support for other refugees, and several immigrants who participated in the revolt.
-People who have been participating in the struggles since the ’70s and people who came out into the streets for the first time in December.
-Owners of luxury stores smashed by anarchists (including one interview in which an anarchist who had helped smash the store came back impersonating a journalist from a major international newspaper).
-Independent media activists and people involved in counterinformation.
-People involved in supporting prisoners.
-Some people involved in the occupation of the national television station.
-Anarchists organizing solidarity actions in other countries.
The book includes original translations and reprinted translations from over a dozen assemblies, groups, and initiatives, including prisoners, urban guerrilla groups, university and town hall occupations, feminist groups, immigrant groups, workers groups, etc. There are also several articles by the editors analyzing the role of the media, the internationalization of the struggle, the logic of not making demands, the results of the December revolt, the role of the working class, gender and anti-sexism in the movement, the strategy of armed guerrilla groups, and the meaning of violence for the anarchist struggle.
In commemoration of the one year anniversary of 6 December, in memory of Alexis and Tony and Mohamed and all the others, in memory of the prisoners of the struggle, we’re releasing several of the interviews from the book, so they can begin circulating now, before the book itself comes off the presses.
In solidarity and struggle,
A.G. Schwarz, Tasos Sagris, and Void Network
Here we present the following sampled interviews from the book
Alkis: December is a result of social and political processes going back many years
Argiris: Exarchia Square and the neighborhood assemblies
Lito: Suddenly I heard a bang
Andreas: We started with three hundred people, and came back with five hundred
Daredevil: We intervene in the daily flow of things to interrupt it
A.G. Schwarz: The Media Try to Kill Memory
Void Network: December Revisited

more info: http://www.revolutionbythebook.akpress.org/new-ak-press-book-on-the-dec-2008-greek-uprisings/

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