George Floyd RIOTS- What have these protests accomplished so far?

June 8, 2020

5/26 – 4 officers fired for murdering George Floyd

5/28 Univ of Minn cancels contract with police

5/28 3rd precinct police station neutralized by protestors

5/28 ATU Local 1005 refuses to bring police officers to protests, or transport arrested protesters

5/29 Activists commander hotel to provide shelter to homeless

5/29 Officer Chauvin who killed Floyd arrested

5/29 Louisville Mayor suspends “no-knock” warrants in response to polices 3/12

5/30 US Embassies across Africa condemn police murder of Floyd

5/30 MN AG Ellison takes over prosecution of the murdering officer

5/30 TWU Local 100 bus operators refuse to transport arrests protestors

5/31 2 abusive officers fired for pulling a couple out of car and tasing them

6/1 Minn public schools end contract with police

6/1 Confederate Monument removed – Birmingham, AL

6/1 CA prosecutors launch campaign to stop DA’s from accepting police union money

6/1 Tulsa Mayor Bynum agrees to not renew Live PD contract

6/1 Louisville police chief fired after shooting of David McAtee at BBQ joint

6/1 Dems and reps begin push to shut down a Pentagon program that transfers military weaponry to cancels contract with police

6/2 Minn AFL-CIO calls for the resignation of Bob Kroll, the president of the Minn police union (Bob Kroll is a vocal white supremest)

6/2 ATU Local 85 announces refusal to transport police officers or arrest protestors

6/2 Racist Ex-Mayor Rizzo statue removed

6/2 6 abusive officers charged for violence against residents and protestors – Atlanta, GA

6/2 Confederate soldier statue removed – Alexandire, VA

6/2 Robert Lee statue removed

6/2 Civil Rights investigation of Minn Police Dept launched

6/2 Resolution to prevent law enforcement from hiring officers with history of misconduct announced by San Fran DA Boudin and Supervisor Walton

6/2 Survey indicating 64% of polled sympathetic to protestors, and 47% disapprove of police handling + 54% think burning down of precinct fully or partially justified

6/2 NJ AG announces policing reforms

6/2 Minn City Council members publicly call for disbanding the police and replace safety and outreach capacity

6/3 1 officer fired for tweets promoting violence against protestors – Denver, Co

6/3 Minn Institute of Art, First Avenue, Walker Art Center end use of MPD for events

6/3 Officer Chauvin charged and taken into custody

6/3 Officer Chauvin charges upgraded to 2nd Murder, ad remaining 3 officers also charged and taken into custody

6/3 VA Gov announces removal of Robert E Lee statue

6/3 Richmond VA Mayor Stoney announces RPD reform measures: establish “Marcus” alert for folks experiencing mental health crisis, establish independent Citizen Review Board, an ordinance to remove Confederate monuments, and implement racial equity study

6/3 County commissioners deny proposal for $23 million expansion of Fulton County jail

6/3 Minn Parks and Rec cut ties with the Minn Police Dep.

6/3 US Army tells soldiers to disobey any orders to attack peaceful protestors – nationwide

6/3 LA Announces $100-150 million cut from LAPD budget, Reinvested into communities, moratorium on gang database, sharper discipline against abusive cops, in effect immediately

6/3 Seattle changes mind and withdraws request to end federal oversight/consent decree of police department

6/4 Breonna Taylor case reopened?

6/4 Portland schools superintendent ‘discontinues’ presence of armed police officers in schools

6/4 MBTA (Metro Boston) board orders that buses wont transport police to protests, or protestors to police

6/4 King County Labor Federation issue ultimatum to police unions, to admit to and address racism in Seattle PD, or be removed

6/5 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL admits that “we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest.”


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